"The FEDS Walk Among Us"

A reader sent this message and screenshot today:
curious post on Roman's site today.... hmmm

Curious is right.

'Guest' either has inside knowledge of the F.B.I. foray into Hoboken or wants others to think he/she does.   Because they are stating as fact there is a sealed investigation regarding funds raised for the Boys & Girls Club he/she alleges are being diverted elsewhere.

How would he/she know this?  Unless he/she is part of the investigation or pretending to be. If Guest is the real deal, then a few familiar Hoboken characters should be very nervous.

Then there's Guest's warning to "politicians and wannabe politicos" that federal agents on long term assignments may have infiltrated their circles, wired and collecting 'the goods' on them.

Why do this?  Except to make all who have reason to worry, worry  a lot. Worry is the Feds' favorite tool to loosen lips while working their way through the ranks of a criminal enterprise. 

Then Guest remarks that Data Theft is just a "small piece of the pie".

If GA has to analyze that  message, I'd say the Feds are rooting around for more cooperating witnesses on other fronts.

And everybody  knows those at the head of the line get the deals.

"Talk to the flower."