Do you play Scrabble?   GA loves the game.  And riddles.

Do you remember Monday's Blind Item  post?   It was kind of mysterious.  Something about someone landing in a "Net".  And being tapped like a keg of beer. 

Well, if anyone out there enjoys a game of Scrabble that is ALSO a riddle, then let's play!

Take a look at these Scrabble tiles....

What do you think so far?  (don't look ahead, cheaters)

Too many many letters?

I think you're right, they don't even fit properly on the... whats-it-called?   OK, I'll take some off.

There!  How's that?

What????   STILL too many letters?

Oh, Jeez.  Alright I'll take away some more.   Here I go...

Ooops!  An urgent task came up. I've got to deal with it... NOW.

I'm sorry, we'll have to pick this up later. I promise to take away some more letters. I will.  But this thing just unexpectedly popped up on my schedule...

I have to make sure I  don't forget what I have to do, so I'll repeat it to myself:

must... paint... toenails... must... paint... toenails...

(Update, 1pm)
 I'm ba-a-a-a-ck!

Wow, that was rough.  I encountered a hangnail on my (left) big toe... the damned thing hurt like a mother when I tried to pull it off so I cut it, but a piece is still hanging on for dear life. And when I jiggle it- OUCH.  Do you want to know what color I painted them?

You don't?


So where were we.... oh, YES!  I promised to take some letters away.  Alright, just for you:

What do you mean?  Don't call me names.  I didn't tell you I'd spell the whole thing.  I couldn't do that.

Alright, alright. There's only ONE more letter that doesn't belong.  The other TWO letters,  well... there's the riddle.

That's for YOU.


  1. Let me guess. To honor this special "holiday season," your chosen nailcolor is "Penitentiary Pumpkin Pie."

  2. This nail color from the O.P.I Muppet collection is the perfect choice in anticipation of a frog march:

  3. Very pretty, Deirdre! And I like the color's name: "Fresh Frog of Bel Air".

  4. well, since "N"ino is no longer on the city council, that leave "R"(usso) and "O"(cch-a-pin-tee). hmm...

  5. Hmmm... well, JAM.

    In fact, TWO of the letters are contained within, in no particular order.

    The Riddler

  6. What about RN? As in the costume that Gumby's friend was wearing...

  7. This is so Lame... But very clever!

  8. Um, thanks?

    Maybe tomorrow we'll play 'FBI Bingo' or 'Pin the Shiv on the Cellmate' or 'Hide and Go Seek Advice of Counsel'...

  9. Sigh, I finally got it, but I think Dragnet figured it out first.

    If I'm correct its a sad statement about how someone can let their view get so warped. I feel confident they never thought what they were doing was wrong. :(


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