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All GA can tell you is, the interviews Reporter Joel Waldman taped with Hoboken residents who gave an alternative point of view were left on the cutting room floor.  FOX had their storyline and they stuck to it.

Part One, starring 'Hoboken watchdog' Perry Klaussen, Part Two staring 'Hoboken insider' Beth Mason.

Hmmm... how come FOX didn't report the increase revenue is due to COLLECTION of parking fees (Remember those 4 MILLION quarters former Parking Director John Corea was indicted for STEALING from Hoboken City coffers?)



So how did FOX, Perry Klaussen and Beth Mason miss THAT?  Hmmmm?

GA reports, you decide.

Thank you, Ian Sacs for CLEANING UP  the HPU.


  1. I don't think anyone is going to bother to dig into the quid pro quo, but a "news report" that presents Perry Klaussen as credible and then comes back to do the same for Beth Mason.... (voice trails off, lets listener draw own conclusions....)

    Someone got greased. I watched the "report" and couldn't imagine what "unfinished business" it was trying to cover apart from presenting the benefactress slouching with self-satisfaction. Otherwise it was cherry-picked negativity. That's a follow-up report? I guess it's fine for Fox to do that; they're in the trash business after all. Mason helping them do it is, well, more of the same from Mason.

    She used to get a whole news cycle for these little stunts. But she's too much of maudlin figure now, causing people to look and then just as quickly look away. She's become Hoboken's Andy Dick.

    PS. I've never seen Beth Mason and Andy Dick in the same camera shot to be able to say definitively that they are different people...(voice trails off, lets listener draw own conclusions....)

  2. Excellent, Info! Especially the "separated at birth" reference. Speaking of which, how about the terribly matching pin-stripes & tailoring, on Mason & Bajardi in the first "Terrorizing" thread photo? Perhaps there was a crackberry text exchange, as in, "OOh-OOh, and what are YOU wearing to the party tonight?"

    MBB apologizes for crassness, but envisions those creepy-pouty Bratz dolls, including "Maudlin Mason" & "Cherry-Picker Dick." Perhaps GA could create something close, but not patent-infringing, for the Recall Shop. With a set of voodoo pins, included....

  3. check out the comments on the fox5 site, reporter joel waldman is IDed as a hoboken resident and mason supporter! nailed!! (note: you have to keep hitting "load more comments" when you get to the bottom in order to get to the good stuff.) worth the visit, believe me. another stink bomb explodes in beth mason's face.


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