DONATIONS for Fire Victims Needed- UPDATE

credit: Claire Moses

Rory Chadwick,  Hoboken business owner, is spearheading an effort to  help the victims of yesterday's fire, some who lost EVERYTHING.  Rory posted this on Patch a little while ago:
I just spoke with Anna, one of the girls who lost everything in the fire. She escaped with her Pajamas and her phone, her roommate Nadia escaped with the same, everything else gone. Both girls work in NYC in accounting and marketing. They moved to Hoboken 4 years ago from Europe. Now they have nothing. They are living in Sparta, NJ right now and will meet with the town tomorrow to see if they can find temporary housing. The girls need computers / laptops, ipods, a television or 2, clothing size small and shoes sizes 8 and 9. Toiletries of various sorts, make up, perfume, hair dryers, coats size small, furniture, kitchen appliances, household goods and anything else that an apartment would need. Please email if you have any of these items. If anyone has an apt or room that is vacant please let me know as well. There are a total of 4 girls, there is a 5th that was supposed to move in yesterday and her uhaul arrived to see the place burned down. No children were involved. Thanks for your help Hoboken!!
Please open your hearts and your closets for these young ladies. ANd again, contact Rory Chadwick at

(UPDATE from Rory: 6:10 pm)
I've spoken with all effected by the tragic fire, this is what is needed ASAP for the girls. These items can be dropped off at 728 Washington St Basement, 156 5th St basement (in front of door) and at H Mag 80 River St top floor. Please forward this list to everyone you know!

Ok, so this is what is needed immediately. I have spoken with everyone and got all the sizes for clothing and shoes etc.

shoes / sneakers new or used sizes 7 7.5 8 and 9 needed
Pants dresses tops skirt jackets new or used 0-2-4-6-10 small medium large needed

toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners, tooth brushes and pastes, hair dryers, curling irons, towels, vitamins / aspirins, stocking / sheer, socks needed but should be new. WE ALSO NEED A PRE OWNED TMOBILE CELL PHONE AND PRE OWNED UNWANTED LAPTOPS WITH CHARGERS ASAP!!! Thanks Hoboken!!


  1. Before we bury these poor victims with ill-fitting clothes and wonky electronics, a coordinated effort might be best - perhaps the H-Mag meeting tonight will be this.

    Gift cards to drug stores and retailers come to mind so these displaced individuals may buy exactly what they need.


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