Christmas Miracle

First off, Merry Christmas to my Christian brothers and sisters! Peace and joy to you all on this holy day.  Happy birthday, Jesus!

To my Jewish peeps, enjoy the movie!

Santa Claus DID show up at my place- in spite of the Star of David hanging from my Hanukkah wreath (they don't repel Santa like garlic to a vampire). No, Santa's gift came in newsprint, in The Hudson Reporter's 2011 Year-in-Review Edition.

A Christmas miracle.

From my dear friend Al 'One-Eye' Sullivan, the grand dame of Hudson County political reporters.  (The poor guys is recovering from eye surgery,)

First off, I adore Al.  Which will irritate most of my Reform friends, who don't understand him.  Sully is like  an onion- you have to peel off the cranky, stubborn, eccentric layers on the outside to get to his soft cranky, stubborn, eccentric interior.  And if you don't want to bother, just give him a guitar and he'll sing for you.

Well, whatever you may think of Al, he doesn't care. He just does his thing, which for most of 2011 has been hating Mayor Zimmer.  And comparing Obama to Pol Pot.

Trust me, I have my issues with the irresistible curmudgeon. But he gets to say what he wants, which is either what he thinks or what his suitors on the Dark Side compel him to think.  It's called spin.

Reform may own the blogoshere, but we don't own the spin-o-sphere.  That belongs to the Dark Side.  They telephone, schmooze, cajole, flatter, gossip... ever had a guy/gal pursue you romantically?  Well, the Dark Side does to Al... only they don't want to get in his pants, they want to get in his print.

And, they do.

Our side, Reform, doesn't do any of that stuff.

One reason is, we don't PAY our people to.   (Note to the Dark Side: Reform doesn't PAY)

Another reason, we KNOW we're better.  We are RIGHTEOUS.  And that should be enough.  Shouldn't it? 

Note Paul Swibinski, Dark Side opposition researcher/ dirty trickster pulls in 300K per year while no such Reform equivalent exists; if one did, he/she would be lonelier than the Maytag repairman.  Reform thinks being DECENT is enough. Ask Tom Greaney, 2nd Ward City Councilman.

Well, just like the birth of the Baby Jesus, miracles continue to happen. On Earth and in Hoboken.

Al 'One-Eye' Sullivan recognizes the evolution of Hoboken Reform in 2011, that for a change we are taking it TO them, fighting back- "guerrilla warfare" he calls it, and "the most significant (Hoboken) political story of 2011".

THEIR side has: money, paid operatives, paid strategists, paid bloggers, local media, money, systemic institutional corruption- email stealing, election buying,   OUR side has: an 'un-politican' for mayor and 5 solid City Council allies, activists, the blogosphere and our Governor,  the NJ. Attorney General, the NJ District Attorney,  the Federal Buearu of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service.

Guess what?

According to Sully, we're WINNING. 


  1. "Bloc," Al. It's spelled "anti-Zimmer bloc."

  2. Begging pardon blu, may be a Fruedian slip, but he DO mean anti-Zimmer block.

    I thought the usage of "block" was correct, as if on the local channel 78 version of "Hollywood Squares", you know, "Hoboken Squares", as in:
    (we join the game in progress...)
    Sound effect; "ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding"

    Peter Marshall: Ooooh,"x" gets the square.... what's your next move?

    Contestant: "Wow Peter, that's two in a row since Reform is "x" and got both of those questions right with Ian Sacs and Jen Giattino, so I guess I have no choice, gotta take my chances and go with the lower left square, Tim Occhipinti, for the anti-Zimmer block."

  3. There should be a fine for p1y being so witty on Christmas.
    That's gotta be a foul of some kind.

    And Al, he's just a chip of thee ole machine block.

  4. Oh my. Sullivan's Youtube vid certainly puts a different spin on "going viral."

    Somehow, his entire "oeuvre" (including his journalistic "creative interpretations") conjures a rocky horror. As in, "Let's Do the Time Warp Again." (The male-pattern baldness Igor-mullet, adds an especially "reminiscent" touch.)

    For 2012, here's hoping Hoboken gets out of its time warp & into a healthier present & future!


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