Cammy Plaintiff Amends Lawsuit After GA Story

How do you like that folks? And you thought only the love-smitten former Mayor Roberts read GA?

Read the Jersey Journal article here.

Here's what happened.

Last Wednesday, GA reported a number of oddities in the lawsuit filed against former Mayor Peter Camarrano for outstanding loans and nonpayment for services.  Read the blog post for details, but my general observation was that the suit seemed cobbled together and timed to dirty a cooperating witness before his (likely) grand jury stint.

Further, according to the suit filed by attorney Louis Zayas,  Bryan Walensky's company Bluewater Operations LLC, had been driven into bankruptcy by Cammarano.

Well, GA super-sleuth One Eye discovered the bankruptcy claim was false. 

Yup, that Cyclops found evidence to the contrary.   You may know that Beth Mason has been a longstanding Bluewater client; the article even even credits Mason with saving his company:
As a result of Cammarano's actions, Walensky said he incurred about $7,000 in bank fees and had to borrow money from others to get by. Although he finally caught a break when Councilwoman Beth Mason hired Bluewater for her campaign, Walensky said he is still in debt today.
In fact GA's published more than one Beth Mason ELEC report showing payments to Bluewater going back to 2009. 

So, folks.  2 days after GA published there was no bankruptcy, Zayas fessed up to his 'mistake' and the complain will be amended accordingly:
Walensky said, however, that he did not go bankrupt and his company did not go under as the lawsuit said. His attorney, Louis Zayas, admitted that there had been a misunderstanding and that the lawsuit will be amended to say that while Walensky suffered financially, he did not file for bankruptcy.


Well, I'd suggest Zayas start numbering the amendments to this lawsuit. The thing has more holes than a slab of Gruyére. Stay tuned...

One more thing...

GA has NO idea if she's any relation to attorney Louis Zayas, but I was interested to find a Zayas on a Peter Cammarano ELEC- she received a $3,500 campaign disbursement for fundraising services. Might just be coincidence.

Anybody know?

Cammarano Runoof 29-day Pre-Election ELEC, refiled on Oct 6, 2010