Blind Item

GA has confirmed that one of the regular objects of speculation on this blog- a top tier Hoboken figure- maybe an elected official (or maybe not) has been tapped by the F.B.I.  I don't mean wire-tapped, I mean tapped like a beer keg.

GA won't chance compromising the investigation so I'll zip my lip on the details.

As in WHO landed in The Net.

I just wanted my peeps to rest assured these folks are HERE, mean business and...  it looks like its heading straight to the top.

Stay tuned...


  1. Cue Poltergeist reference:
    Theeeyyyr'e Heeere!

    Thank you for the morning wake-me-up. :-)

  2. what great news to start the day/week, thanks!

  3. If the FBI is reading this, interview Ann Holtzman who worked for Beth Mason. I bet she is privvy to whether or not Perry Klaussen was on retainer by Beth as well as Lane Bijardi.

    She would never leak it as she was Beth's employee but if she were supena'd she would have great insight into transactions and intent.


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