Beth Mason Tabloid TRASHES Project Play

Hi – My name is Zabrina Stoffel. I am the co-founder of Project Play. I can tell you that the City has NOT used any Project Play money for Church Square Park to date. How do I know this? Because the Hoboken Family Alliance did not give the City a check yet. Why not? This City needs to create a trust for the HFA money. They have not done that, so the HFA has not given the City any money.

Please do not disparage my name or the HFA for the sake of nasty politics.

Thank you!
That was the response of Project Play co-founder Zabrina Stoffel to the smear-master of TrashTalk411 on yesterday's hatchet job. The Mason tabloid's latest victim: a group of Hoboken Moms who  raise money for park renovations and upgrades.

No good deed goes unpunished on the Mason  rag and it's bitter ghostwriter, Lane Bajardi.  (Who, by the way, has a gorgeous son who will benefit from the group's work. One wonders what Bajardi's done for our community lately?)

The smearing of Project Play is ANOTHER low for Mason's "news source". A good, decent woman trying to make our town a better place smeared in a politician's proxy war on Mayor Zimmer.

Zabrina is welcome to contact GA, a mom who respects and admires the efforts of Project Play, to discuss their good works.

Advice to Zabrina: ignore the SOB.  Everyone else does.


  1. Thanx for clarification Zabrina. Watcha say Perry B?

  2. The level of derpitude from H411 is really gone up to 11 nowadays. He is up in arms about landscaping. LANDSCAPING! It took all of two days and 40 trees/shrubs were planted in areas that have been eroded or died cost, what, $3k? What a twit. He also doesn't recognize that a large photo-op check isn't the same as a negotiable check, which Zabrina pretty clearly stated was not handed over as of this date because the city needs to set up a trust fund for it...which is wise since we know what would happen if $50k were to be handed over to city hall (regardless of who is in charge, the rats will get into the rice, so to speak). I bet he thinks there is also a large golden key that opens the city too...what a moron.

  3. I remember going to some of the early project play meetings. I remember seeing Lane there. I was not very supportive of their plan to raise money for the parks. He thought all the money should come from the city.

  4. So a group of parents, who are actively raising their children, unlike Mrs. Richard G. Mason who has outsourced her child-rearing from the beginning, coalesces around a need and comes up with a plan and is working with the city for its execution and somehow Perry the Pornographer and his benefactress, the Harridan of Hudson Street use that as a vehicle for their never-ending ax grinding? More deflection folks...

    Kudos to Ms. Stoffel for calling them out on this.

  5. As Ms Parker would say, "What fresh hell is this?"

    Have Beth Mason and her pornographer** set their pharmaceutically enhanced sights on civic-minded soccer moms? What next, the soup kitchen?

    It is a well-documented fact that Perry (and Lane) have a 'problem' with women (other than their creepy devotion to Beth). So this isn't quite new in that regard. But Team Mason do seem to be going after the next generation of community-active people before they become politically-active. And they do not seem to realize that this unprovoked viciousness is more likely to make them politically active.

    Has a more politically obtuse person ever chosen politics as her profession?

    ** I know she'd hoped it would be 'Beth Mason and her biographer by now, but things are decidedly not headed in that direction.. So when you tell you tell 'Mr DeMille' you're ready for your close-up, watch out where he points the camera..)


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