3 Hospital-Savers AWOL

Mayor Zimmer shamelessly flirts with Dave Roberts, MY guy

After an expensive media blitz touting that "4 City Council members stopped Governor Christie's and Mayor Zimmer's attack on women's health care" you'd think they'd at least show up for a victory lap at yesterday's ribbon cutting.

The HUMC ribbon-cutting ceremony was a symbolic 'we did it!', not unlike a baby's christening.

Only this hospital has many parents- 4 of whom campaigned for an abortion until the bitter end.  And... when those 4 lost that battle, claimed THEY had birthed the baby and it's actual parents were the ones who'd tried to abort it.

So, did these 4 proud parents attend the christening?

One did- Terry Castellano.  And the other 'parents': Mason, Russo and Occhipinti?

Two words: Kim Guadagno.

NJ's Lieutenant Governor.

GA believes the TV ad blitz was not just  about taking credit from Zimmer for the hospital sale,  but was aimed straight at the Governor for a political victimization defense. Once indictments come down.  A smiling photo-op with Guadagno would undercut that completely.

What does that tell you?

The 3 'persons-of-interest' did not want to be anywhere near Christie's Lt. Governor.  They may know they're in the FBI's cross-hairs. It's a 'tell'.  Like Mike Russo popping out of his seat at the last City Council meeting as Roman Brice launched into a blistering series of questions about who had seen or received 'intercepted' emails.  These 3 may have been advised to stay away. Or else going on instinct.

What about Castellano?

GA's always believed she was 'safe'- not involved in the Ricciardi email shenanigans nor 4th ward voter fraud. and would come out of this investigation unscathed.  Her Council minority counterparts- not so much. But, what do I know?

In the meantime,GA thinks it's pretty interesting the 3 most likely to end up blaming the Governor (and Mayor) for their 'situation' were a no-show yesterday.

Do you?