Turkey for Haterz

Turkey haterz, that is. You say "turkey", I say "blech".   If you're like me in this regard, read on.

Let's face it.  The only reason why turkey ever became a food is because the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians mistook one for a big, brown chicken. And the rest is history.  Now tradition.  Which compels all of us whether we like it or not, to make or eat it once a year.

There's something about a turkey-less Thanksgiving just wouldn't feel right.

So after years of cooking the gamy-tasting critter, I finally found a recipe which is so transformational I'd even call it delicious!  It's true.  I'm into year 3 of making it, so why not share with my cyber-friends?

Best thing, it's easy.  Even a special friend of mine who can turn a pot of uncooked rice into cooked rubber could do it.

Here's all you need:

3 lbs., white and dark meat

I prefer the roast because  I don't want a big, headless thing in my oven.  (I'm using (3) roasts this year). But if you'd rather roast a whole decapitated carcass, that's up to you.

Next you need to buy a few bottles of Mojo  (or make it yourself).  GA uses Goya Mojo. I've tried others, but like Goya the best.

A Cuban friend turned me onto Mojo.  It's a marinade made from citrus and spice- like cumin, garlic, cilantro, and it's sold in your local supermarket.

So, believe it or not I prepare the whole thing the day before. My turkey is marinating now... just wash it, poke holes in it, and cover it with Mojo.  You can marinate for a day. Tonight I'll cook it in the marinade.  And slice it.  Then, store it in the juice overnight... the turkey slices soak up the mojo-flavored juices and... YUM.

My guests haven't liked it, they've loved it.  Me, too.  Finally.

As for cranberry sauce, that's done.  I use a bag of fresh cranberries, prepared per the instructions on the bag- w/one cup of sugar.  GA adds a grated orange rind (1 orange) into the mixture as it cooks. When it's done I add a can of crushed pineapple (in it's own juice).  YUM.

The rest of the meal.... this year grilled veggies- inc. the sweet potatoes (I'm going to try this Bobby Flay recipe) and home made cheddar corn bread.  That's it.  No stuffing. Is that unAmerican?

Well, anyway... just thought I'd share this turkey-tip with you-all before it's too late. 

So, whatever you eat tomorrow, as my favorite TV-chef used to say, "Bon appettit!"

The late, GREAT Julia Child


  1. No Stuffing? That's the best part of the Holiday!
    And oh Printed Menus are the other must have! ;)

  2. Got a good stuffing recipe? I love chestnuts.

  3. The only things I can cook are Leg of Lamb, Tandoori Chicken and Boiled Eggs.
    Everything else I follow the Mason's advice- but I don't need a food taster ...

  4. yum sounds good...i love goya stuff. Happy thanksgiving.


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