1. What a lovely conical wicker basket. Wish they would come up with a name for these.

    Well chosen pic of Ms Zimmer studying the horizon. There, she spotted a new governor and, looking past philosophical differences, cultivated a relationship which has been worth literally millions of dollars to this city. Not that the in-your-face stylings of comedian Beth "Cosmic Pratfall" Mason haven't entertained. They just haven't been worth any money.

    I also note a picture of the E-I-C of RFC. We are most grateful for this inclusion in your conical wicker basket. In gratitude, we are pleased to report that apart from a 15% increase, there will be no change in our annual subscription rates for 2012! We think too much of our loyal readers bore them with the same old prices.

    Bon appetit, diners. Good hunting, investigators.

    Kiss the cook.

  2. I am thankful Griswell, for the 15% increase.

    We are truly blessed.

  3. Hurrah for your Horn of Plenty, GA!

    Here's hoping it brings a host of "bounties" for those most deserving. In every way.

    Giving thanks for all you do,

  4. GA if you could please tell one-eye I didn't mean to trample his eye. I mean he only has one eye.

    Wishing the whole wicker basket thanks including its creator, Toni, Phil, blud, Griswell and the entire Reached for Comment News team, the Jolly Green Giant, Da Mayor and all of Hoboken's special agents from Newark and the entire Federal Attorneys Office working the file/cabinet/room with the heading: Hoboken.

    The biggest thanks though for thee Creator.


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