Stick and The Nurse

Yum-yummy... our pizza is here!  And look who brung it!

Freeholder candidate Anthony 'Stick' Romano... you know why they call him 'STICK'?

Because he STICKS IT TO HOBOKEN TAXPAYERS.  That's right.

Nice guy personally, but a typical machine politician- he does what  he's told.  Which means aligning himself against the people of Hoboken and with the County Bosses he pals around with. The ones who go to his fancy fundraisers.  He's voted with THEM to raise our taxes 3 TIMES!!!

(Did you feel it  going in?  I did.)

Hoboken is 1 of 12 Hudson County municipalities and Hoboken paid 17% of County taxes, even though we've got 6% of the population.  

Thank you, Stick Romano.  With friends like you...

Speaking of friends... who's that lady carrying Stick's pizza?

She looks familiar... nice cross she's wearing. GA  loves our Christian brothers and sisters.... I  love people of all faiths.  As well as my people, the Jews.

Wait... isn't that the lady who negotiated that non-binding deal with the hospital buyer, threatening a negative ad campaign to begin this Monday if they didn't' agree' to put her (or Russo, Castellano or Occhipinti) on their board?

And after MONTHS of tormenting the hospital staff - many of them nurses- by trying to sink the hospital sale (and thus their jobs) LOOK what she wore on Halloween:

The politician who tried to kill our Hospital dressed as a ...


cuckoo clock

Is she OK?  You know...

Isn't that that the woman who voted to blow a $4.5 million hole in Hoboken's budget last night by voing AGAINST a simple bond refinance that would have cost NOTHING saved the city 50K and now is going to force LAYOFFS....

SO she prefers LAYOFFS to... 50K for Hoboken. And Stick "I love TAXING Hoboken" Romano is her pal... 

Look, people.  You've got a CHOICE.


Kurt's running a grassroots, low-budget campaign because he's not getting stuffed with cash from the MACHINE.  No fancy fundraisers at The Quays for him with County bosses.  Kurt is INDEPENDENT and will fight for US.

Click to read all about it:

This big giant galoot happens to be a friend of mine, a brilliant fellow.  And I can vouch that he is serious about representing Hoboken at the County level.  

Kurt will be a guardian for us, not a wolf guarding a hen house- or a nurse.


  1. While Mr Romano has a lot of interest in the prestige of HOLDING the job, he has zero interest in DOING the job. Enough is enough.

  2. that halloween costume is a major insult, what's wrong with that woman? has she no shame? if i were a humc nurse, i'd egg the mason mausoleum.


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