Secret Admirer

When you open the door will YOUR mystery date be a dream... or a dud?

Mystery Date was a terrific game, did any of you ever play it?

It was so much fun to see WHO your date would turn out to be: the dancer, the bowler, the beach boy, the skier... but G-d forbid you got stuck with the nerd.

I mean, WHO in their right mind would have wanted to date Bill Gates?  You might have to live in a dump like this one day:

Nah, Milton Bradley encouraged us gals to go for the guy who lies around on the beach or plays in the snow.

Thanks a lot, Milton. You schmuck.

Anyway, GA was delighted to hear I've got a Secret Admirer!   Not ME personally- the blog.

A friend sent me this:
you've got a secret admirer.  a well known politico, he wished he had you on his side. loves the blog.
My (so-called) friend won't tell me WHO it is- he was afraid I'd blog it.  Why would I do that?   OK so I did.  I'm just hoping my Secret Admirer (SA) comes forward.  

Secret Admirer, are you a dream... or a dud?

I'm just curious Mr. Admirer.  Are you on the Dark Side?  Well, have no fear, your secret's safe with me.  Just click here and let me open the door.


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  2. Maybe it's our favorite silver haired fox!!! :)

  3. You're a fool, your mystery admire could also turn out to be bum or even worse; Bill Brennan.

  4. Auntie WJB, who peed in your corn flakes?


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