The Ricciardis Get Scrubbed

Props to Da Horsey for serving up some tasty cyber-dish: the caustic and always-obnoxious loveyourtaxmoney on's Hoboken forum was none other than Patrick Ricciardi.

Wow. Talk about flying below the radar.

Regrets  to Ma Russo; a small universe of folks were sure she was the gleefully-bitter LYTM.

GA thought it was Ma Russo because the gist of LYTM's posts were always how horrible 'newcomers' were, how they screwed up Hoboken and so on.   And it didn't matter if you lived here all of your adult life- if you weren't a BnR then you were scum.

LYTM called frequently called others "stupid" or "idiot".

Well Patrick, who's the idiot?

As for the demise of LYTM, it happened at the time the FBI came in mid-May. 

So, after reading Smarty's piece,  GA went back to pull some old posts and guess what?  GONE.  All of them.

Here is all that is left of loveyourtaxmoney; search results to nowhere- the links were scrubbed.   

The FBI must have seized them.

Curiously enough, ALL of Janett Ricciardi's posts on njcom disppeared, too.   Last Friday, November 11th.

Coincidence or....?   She made ome explosive charges, such as:


GA is guessing the FBI may have requested those, too. Maybe.

Well, FBI... don't miss the ex-Mrs. Ricciardi's comments on Politckernj (which are still there).  Those are even MORE incendiary, like this:  

I have said what I know about the Patrick Ricciardi situation and involvement in computer related crimes.  All I know about is the hacking in the Garage that was done & the Anthony deleting the files because he told me about it.  However, he only told me he hacked the computers & deleted the files from the Anthony Ricciardi's computer.  I don't know what else he did because I can't remember everything.  Those two I am sure about.  Patrick started to work for city hall, fire department, police department, etc. when he was working for FLASHTECH.  He then opened up his own business called MJP Computer services, of which he also did illegal things with including the not paying taxes.

And when you're done scrubbing, FBI- friends, how about we meet at Mamoun's?


  1. If LYTM can be proven to be Ricciardi, you may have "ground into powder" II.

    That remark by Cammarano doomed him with any jury as it made clear his intent to take the bribe and do bad things with it on a continuing basis.

    LYTM's loathing for 4/5's of the town would be as damaging if it can be proved, not that the prosecution needs it.

    I remember LYTM calling everyone a "carpet-bagger" and having to explain what a carpet-bagger was, although to no avail. LYTM was also all over Cunningham about doing some remodeling without a permit, which suggested some proximity or closer knowledge of certain parts of city hall (eg, Michele Russo's relationship to Al Arezzo).

    By the same token, after Occhipinti's "victory" last November, LYTM said we would get rid of the others (this) May, not comprehending that Marsh, Bhalla, and Mello were not up for re-election. This also needed to be explained.

    I'm curious to know how this has become a slam-dunk. I'm sure the data is archived. It testifies, so to speak, to personal hatred for Zimmer supporters; and an awful lot of spare time.

    PS> Not sure how far back the visible archive goes on


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