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GA recieved this from a reader:
How come you only did your recall Mason logo in 2 of the 3 great religions: Judaism and Christianity but left out Islam?  Do you have a problem with Islam? 

GA reader,  of course not!  I didn't  mean to disregard my Muslim brothers and sisters.  Here you go:

The above is not available in the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop.  

How come?  I'll spell it out for you: F-A-T-W-A. 

However, these holiday designs are selling fast:

For Hanukkah

For Christmas

Get yours today!


  1. Just in time for Ashura (Dec 5)! This day commemorates, among other things, a kinship between Islam and Judaism. Sounds like a winner for for the religitunistic Ms Mason. Inshallah, baby.


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