Perry Klaussen Featured on Fox 5 News

Wow!  I'd heard about this all day... Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 was on Fox 5 News last night!

Here's what happened: Beth Mason got them to come to Hoboken for an investigation where they found out it it's hard to park. Amazing!   I didn't know that, did you?  Hoboken has a shortage of parking for residents!   (Not like in Manhattan where you can always find parking on the street).

This was also news to Mason who cited 'mismanagement' as the cause, as well as not 'putting people first'.   And GA thought it was because a lot more residents have cars than Hoboken has parking spaces.

So it's a management issue- not a space issue, and under NEW management, Hoboken would grow more parking spots like a Chia Pet grows hair.

If Chia can do it, so can Hoboken!   Under Mayor Mason who'd ALWAYS put people first.  She'd know how to grow those parking spots... with her wand and some fairy dust...

Here's what she wrote on her Facebook page:

Our residents are hurt again by mismanagement from City Hall who refuse to put people first. From small businesses to residents who have guests visiting, these parking restrictions do irreparable harm to our city.

When oh, when will City Hall put people first, instead of...  other stuff.

So,  reporter Joe Waldman from Fox 5 News discovered for himself that parking in Hoboken sucks, and his take-away was noted on FOX's web site:
Mayor Dawn Zimmer stressed that stepped up parking enforcement has increased public safety. she also said the city will reassess the signage to see if it needs to be more clear.
Good plan, Mayor!

Those old, cruddy signs have been there since way  before your administration, so it makes sense to evaluate them after all of the improvements  Parking and Transportation Director Sacs has made in our town (love those Corner Cars and The Hop!)

Sacs rocks.

Anyway, the report aired on TV last night, and prominently featured was Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen.  Did you see his story about it?


  1. Mrs. Richard G. Mason has aligned herself with the toxic cesspool that is Fox News? Q'uelle surprise! What a fucking idiot!

    Please shutup & go away.

  2. talk about parking.....first they put a "no right turn on red" on second and river.... my complaint, why? they said it was a dangerous intersection. I felt it caused congestion. Then they make second between river and the Hudson a two way????? NOW its dangerous. Then they knock out three streets of parking ...second, third, and part of river for an empty lot because of the W?? No one cares about the public just the big company's. What about all the lost spots and street access by Maxwell? All backed by castillano...really all. Mason and the rest could give a poop about parking. The last time I saw the council meeting she was complaining about the poor people parked by maxwell... commenting the street wasn't wide enough.....just ridiculous.

  3. ps: and all done before (i think) ian sacks came on board. So the debate they are claiming is bull.

  4. That's him! That's the guy! I also saw him on a Fox News Report. I think it was about how the parking signage might need to be updated, but we can't do it because we can't get 4 jackasses to bond for anything.

    I can't believe Fox News let that sex predator slip through their fingers. They're usually so thorough...

  5. Isn't FOX owned by Rupert Murdoch of The British Phone Hacking Scandal- Not unlike Email Hacking Scandal ehh?

    Communications and Hacking Thieves of a feather...

  6. So the Harridan of Hudson Street states:

    "Our residents are hurt again by mismanagement from City Hall who refuse to put people first. From small businesses to residents who have guests visiting, these parking restrictions do irreparable harm to our city."

    Mrs. Richard G. Mason is the one, along with her cohorts, who refuse to put Hoboken's citizens first and will do irreparable harm to our city if they aren't reined in.

    Once again, she seizes an opportunity to prove to the broader public that she's bat-shit crazy. It's befitting that she was able to wrangle Fox News, one of the least credible news sources, to cover her little exploit.

    Why don't we use eminent domain powers, raze 921 Hudson Street and then - after a massive exorcism - erect a giant parking structure. At least that would have more benefit to Hoboken than its current use as the Masonic Temple of Doom.

  7. "Harridan of Hudson St."- Oracle, you are a hoot.

    How about:
    Conniving Council Crone
    Hudson Harpy
    Rag-Tag Hudson Hag
    Cruella DeVille & Checkbook Charlie
    The Blaming of the Shrew
    Battling Battle-Axe
    Scabrous Scold

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Other Alt Names for the evil couple:

    Leona and Harry

    Bonnie and Clyde

    Brickface and Stucco

    Meatballs and Gravy

    Salami and Cheese

    New and Money

    Crime and Punishment

  10. Mrs. Richard G. Mason is such a brilliant strategist - the girl who knows how to deliver those deliverables has impeccable timing - behold: a poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University released this Monday which concludes that one could reside in the sybil's cave and know more about current events than a consumer of Fox News:

    Do you sense the downward spiral is getting faster? If this keeps up, Mrs. & Mrs. Drunk'n Dough Nuts will have to take in money laundering to keep up with the payments on the Masonic temple.

  11. Perry finally retaliated on last night with that Nanzi ID. Posting at 3am again. Duh. Interesting this time he didn't bother to deny that it was him and humped 411.

    Yes, it does look like the shells are landing closer to the bunker. Pretty soon there will be decisions to make for the inner circle.


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