Message Board Extortion

Look what GA found  on Patch:

prosbus is Lane Bajardi.

Is he for real?  

Did the 4 elected officials he claims to represent  authorize  him to negotiate the City's business on an internet message board under a pseudonym?

Are these 4 knuckleheads holding the City hostage to these demands, but instead of sending us their terms on a creepy note they send a creep to deliver them?

This is bush league politics at it's most absurd. 

Here's what Eric Kurta suggested.

I agree, Eric. It certainly does.

Does any other municipality in New Jersey have elected officials who  dispatch political operatives to negotiate City business on AOL-owned message boards under obtuse screen names?


Anyway, the combo of 'stupid' delivered by The Odious One (Lane Bajardi) ignited this bit of  GA- diplomacy.

So, this is how they roll.

Can't wait to roll out that RECALL.


  1. Good catch! These morons need to hear it out loud!

  2. The lawyer is crazy like a fox.

    Let's face it, the best bet at this point is a "diminished capacity" defense. What better way to get that than to encourage them to say whatever pops into their addled brains. And to release as many pictures as possible in which defendant #1 looks half-in-the-bag and is posing in a nurse's outfit with a large-breasted Gumby. Meanwhile, defendant #2, embarrassingly conspicuous in any internet disguise, conducts hostage negotiations on a blog while the state readies to pick a new fiscal monitor. It's not a little nuts, it's batsh!t crazy.

    But to quote the head of Legal Team Mason, "You gotta better idea?"

  3. All I ever hear Russo is "cut personnel" or at least don't hire anybody. I have not heard one council member say such a thing. In fact, by not approving the parking bond, they are insuring more layoffs. Safety personnel are the bulk of our employees and would therefore receive the brunt of MORC's actions.


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