Mason Implicates Self in Email Conspiracy?


GA watched the MSV video of Beth Mason's tirade after Da Horsey spoke at Monday night's City Council meeting.

Unbelievably, she seems to implicate herself in the Ricciardi email interception and wire fraud conspiracy by assuming knowledge of the substance of the communications- characterizing them as a "coordinated smear campaign"- and of the existence of those communications themselves- "Mr. Brice should release the emails" between himself and the "mayor's political aides".


Unscripted and furious, what Beth Mason blurts out assumes she's seen and read intercepted emails.   Ones she BELIEVES prove her wild and unfounded accusations. 

I've transcribed her blast in it's entirety:
"Council President, first of all I'm raising concerns because these are issues of libel. And I'm gonna make it very clear. That there are significant issues here and unless there's proof I'm going to say I've NOT seen those emails and maybe Mr. Brice should release the emails between YOU and the mayor's political aides that I asked so we can REALLY see what has been a coordinated effort as a smear campaign between THOSE of us who don't agree with this administration and continue to speak out and you're not gonna shut me UP! I'm tired of this constant (?), false accusations between members of this council.  

If you have proof come with it, stop talking, show your effort."
Do you see what I mean?

Mason doesn't question the existence of such emails- she KNOWS they exist.  Between Horsey and the "mayor's aides". 

HOW?  Has she told this to the FBI?

After all, she's not asking IF he has such emails, she's TELLING him to release them.

A good prosecutor would make mincemeat out of her.

And she continues:
"Council President, are we gonna release the emails?"
She's so frustrated that emails she knows about haven't been released she's told us she knows they're there and she WANTS them NOW.

In a 5 year-old  that's called a 'tantrum'..  In an adult, elected official potentially involved in a criminal conspiracy it's called 'oops'.

Then the faint sound of Timmy is heard mumbling, "I'd like to know what they... (mumbles) the FBI will (mumbles)..."   before the Councilwoman rages on:

"THEY have allowed us to get the emails so stop... so stop the game. They gave us permission but you voted it down."
Folks, it's wild.  Paging Dr. Shrill...
Here's how a GA reader described the Councilwoman in an empathetic letter to GA:
The person afflicted is perfectly in control of their iron clad belief that they are right and that what they think is of course the only way to think about things. That their ambitions and goals are paramount to any one or anything else. That those around them are merely appendages and not really independent people that are hurt and affected by the actions and chaos that the afflicted impose.

It is a ironclad ability to simply be self absorbed coupled with the need to stamp out any opposition which aims to defeat them that can be truly epic in the damage that is wrought

The FBI,  monitoring all this, has to be amazed.

Here's Mason's admission, video courtesy of MSV.


  1. Neither she nor the many faces of Lane seem to get this. They get mad and then pop off in ways that will make their attorneys freak out. KeatingQuestionerBus does the same thing. He's so desperate to seem "plugged in" that he incriminates himself. Dumb, so dumb.

  2. Great catch GA. I missed it the 1st time. I suspect she was off script at that point.


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