The Lies on TV

Above are screen shots of the "give backs" Beth Mason claims to have "obtained from the new hospital owner" in her latest cable TV ad blitz.

That's where she's peddling her nonsense that she rescued the hospital FROM Dawn Zimmer-  a pitch that would sell to dead people who've been hiding in caves in Siberia since June.

HoldCo, Beth Mason has told thousands of cable viewers that she, Mike Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti have "obtained" the "unconditional guarantee" from you to provide the public with
  • FREE Women's Health Programs
  • FREE Health Clinic for Poor
  • FREE Alzheimer's Clinic
How do you like them apples?


  1. I think Holdco has to reply. A press release would be the cheapest.

    Mason has falsely advertised the services of a business she doesn't run. It would be no different than if she said person x runs a restaurant that is open 24/7 and kids eat free Tuesdays and Thursdays. If any of that isn't true, then person x needs to correct that perception, lest he be faced with diners at odd hours and large families expecting free food for the kids.

  2. She is obviously trying to sabotage the hospital once more. The commercial is sick. Unfortunately I don't have Beth Mason's money to run a an accurate commercial on how she and the Minority of No are despicable.

  3. saw this a few times last night on msnbc and espn during football. the thing is, the commercial is so poorly done that it makes them (MORTe) look like real cheesy, smaller-time operators. is that what ricky pays consultants and cable tv stations big money for? is that the sort of brand image that's supposed to help his wife get a senate seat!

    no one who isn't a dyed-in-the-wool old guard supporter or a paid-for vote will fall for it. and those people will never support the council majority/administration/reform anyway, so who cares? all it's gonna do is preach to the converted, get the attention of the FBI and (hopefully) come back to bite 'em in the butt.


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