Kurt Gardiner WINS

Gardiner celebrates his victory with a glass of frothy apple juice.

  • 48% of STICK's machine-vote! (source: Patch)
Independent Freeholder candidate Kurt Gardiner got a total of 1,412 votes. Romano got 2,911 votes on the machines on Tuesday during the day. Romano got 616 vote by mail votes, Gardiner got 62 vote by mails.
Hudson County
Freeholder Dist. 5 One 3-Year Term
Anthony L. Romano (D)* 3,914
Kurt Gardiner (I) 1,503
  • Kurt spent 0.9% of STICK Romano on his campaign
  • STICK spent $28 per vote,  Kurt spent 66 cents per vote
  • Kurt had NO campaign staff
  • Kurt had NO storefront campaign office
  • Kurt had NO posters, he ran an internet campaign
  • Kurt had NO city-wide mailers, STICK had ONE city-wide mailer
  • STICK had Beth Mason , Kurt had Reform behind
Honey, if you think Kurt LOST last night, read the above ONE MORE TIME.

Kurt Gardiner kicked some Hudson County MACHINE ASS.

Gardiner, an unfunded candidate with NO  campaign,  NO resources, NO  endorsements until 48 HOURS before the election, NO staff turned out 1,500 VOTES in Hoboken yesterday.


If you don't think that's a repudiation of the MASON-RUSSO mismanagement of the City's finances. (inviting in a Fiscal Monitor by voting down BA Arch Liston's ability to move budget line items,  voting to blow a $4.5 million hole in the City's budget and triggering LAYOFFS by not passing a simple garage bond refinance.)

But more so, a MAJOR repudiation of the CHAOS the Mason-Crew tried to inflict on our city by opposing the sale of our hospital.  The face of that cruel jihad on hospital workers and taxpayers is Beth Mason. Instead of putting aside her personal animus toward  the mayor to do the right thing, Mason doubled down on her bizarre quest to run an exorbitant advertising blitz to blow up the sale, even boast a never-aired commercial that she claims to have shown to HoldCo executives in a weird blackmail effort to 'sign on' to her granting a permanent 'Council Minority' hospital board seat.

Then she shows up, dressed as a NURSE on Halloween. That turned stomachs city-wide at her utter insensitivity, after trying her damnedest to take 1,200 hospital jobs down the tubes along with the hospital sale. That's when many concluded she's just plain nuts.

Gumby won  STICK the green-rubber cartoon character vote

And if you don't think that the public is FURIOUS about what Mason tried to do to our hospital, and what the Council minority is trying to do by wreaking havoc on the City's budget and operations by opposing simple, costless procedures like bond conversions and moving budget line items... GUESS AGAIN.

And STICK owns Mason. He took $5,000 from her. She campaigned for him.  His posters are all over 1200 Washington Street.

Now the People's disgust has spilled over into the voting booth.

And it's NOT going away.

Stick a fork in STICK. His mayoral chances just took a nose dive.

Just wait until the Hoboken numbers come in. Because the above vote tallies are combined Jersey City and Hoboken. Something tells me it's going to look much worse for STICK and his allies  once the  breakdown by Ward and District come in.

This is a GREAT DAY for Reform.

Kurt Gardiner is a WINNER.