Invitation from the 'Council Minority'

Did you read the piece in Patch about the 'City Council Minority' voting against City Business Administrator Arch Liston''s ability to move money around in the budget (a $2 million line item)?

It means this:  we can't pay our operating costs which will surely trigger the appointment of another State Fiscal Monitor.

After crippling the financial operations of the City, the self-titled 'Council Minority' sent an invitation:

click invitation to read


  1. I resent this post. In fact I must register my strong displeasure with your very heading. This is just so wrong.

    Please begin the salutation with Dear Governor Christie.

    That is all.

    P.S. - I'm sure the Governor can find someone MORTe will really like to come and make them totally irrelevant.

    While they wait for something more exciting to visit Hoboken of course.

  2. GA: The invitation's color scheme and design are far too tasteful for the senders.

    Perhaps something in a shade of institutional orange might be more apropos?

  3. GA you are too kind to the council minority. I sat in awe on Wednesday night at the council meeting as the minority once again impeded the progress of the city voting against a standard budget line item transfer- leaving the budget $2M short. The continued efforts by Russo, Mason, Castellano and Occhipinti to sabotage the city financially cannot be allowed to continue. Start talking to your neighbors everyone and attend council meetings- they need to know the public is watching.


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