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  1. This is the BIG ISSUE listed on the FB page:

    "Anyone had this happen to them? Last week I used a Munimeters for the first time and only had a debit card and no quarters. The meter wouldn't print a receipt for me until I hit the button several times only to pay $2 for a parking space I needed only for 5 minutes to run into my bank. Is this just another way the City is picking our pockets?"

    It's not even a Seinfeld lead-in. "What is the deal with MuniMeters..."

    Here's a tip, boys. If you're going to pretend to be outraged, come up with something that you're going to pretend to be outraged about.

    This is so obviously a put-up job. It looks even too stupid for Beth. Wonder if 411 came up with this on his own.


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