How to Make Mike Russo Flee from the Dais

Want to make Councilman Mike Russo get up from the City Council dais?

Bring up Patrick Ricciardi (his close, longtime friend), Ricciardi's federal indictment for "Interception of Wire and Electronic Communications", and what his knowledge of this crime was, whether or not he had received any intercepted communications or even seen one.... and Russo will pop out of his seat like a Jack-in-the-Box.

Can we call him Mike-in-the-Box?   'Cause he really IS in a box.   

GA can tell you how so. That's my opinion, anyway. And that of my legal department, Not-Stempler.

Too bad Not-Stempler was on the run, but we spoke this morning about a new Tell' at this week's City Council meeting.

GA's written about such 'Tells' before.  If you're unfamiliar with the expression:
A tell in poker is a change in a player's behavior or demeanor that is claimed by some to give clues to that player's assessment of his hand.
Last May I predicted that Mason email jihad was directly connected to the email breech.  

Another was when NJ Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno wouldn't swear in Mason, Castellano, russo nor Occhipinti when she was here to swear in Cunningham and Giattino on July 1st.  I suggested Guadagno did not wish to be photographed with anyone who may be facing indictment.   So she avoided the Council minority entirely.

The latest 'Tell'?

Mike Russo bolted out of his seat when Da Horsey started laying into the Council minority.  Russo is no dummy and knew exactly where Horsey was headed.  The breech of the City's communications by Patrick Ricciardi and the City Council minority's coordination with his illegal activities to undermine the mayor and her administration.

POP went Mike-in-the-Box.

What's the Box?

I'll tell you how Not-Stempler described it.

The action of Russo leaving the dais but remaining in the room is highly suspect.  He does not want to be confronted with any discussion regarding the emails.  It's an admission of guilt.

Russo left the dais on the advice of his attorney not to make false statements in public.  Of course no one's attorney worth their salt would have their client making statements in public with respect to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Russo and Ricciardi were good friends and both appear in all the  murky areas that have plagued Hoboken in recent years. Read Mrs. Riccicard's emails. He (Ricciardi) was running out to meet with Mike all the time.  It goes against the grain of the human condition based on their long-term friendship for them NOT to have discussed his email activities with Russo. Given Ricciari's position at City Hall, his friendship with Russo, and well-known animus toward the mayor (as loveyourtaxmoney) it's NOT credible  that someone can claim there was no discussion between them about the email account.

The fact that Mike Russo KNEW about the email 'Archive' on Ricciardi's computer is a foregone conclusion that would be impossible to defend against.  

Whether or not Russo has been noticed or been interviewed it would seem highly likely that he has sought the advice of counsel. That advice would include refrain from a discussion of the subject matter of the emails. With instruction to excuse himself from the dais should the subject come up. He's been told not to talk about it under any circumstance.

Mason?  She has a history of not heeding counsel.

It sounds like a fun game, no?   

Make Mike-in-the-Box pop from his chair!

GO to the City Council and ASK Russo as many questions as you can think of about the Ricciardi affair- if he was a co-conspirator; what he knew and when he knew it, whether he saw any intercepted emails and if his co-sponsorship of the Mason Email Jihad Resolution to obtain the emails of City employees and various media, bloggers, etc. was coordinated with the email interception by Riccciardi... and so on!

Go do that, and watch Mike POP!

How about it?  Maybe replace Mike's chair with a treadmill so he could just run in place? 

Further, why not use the easel-weasel's technique of asking EVERY CC MEMBER on the dais to answer the same question!

Fun, fun!

Watch the the GOOD guys (a.k.a. the law-abiding majority) breeze through their answers while Timmy sweats, Mike POPs, Terry tries to speak out of order, and a few more loose rivets pop from Mason's head as her marbles shoot across the floor.

 Thaaaaaaat's Entertainment!

Sing it, Judy-girlfriend.. the world is a stage, the stage is a world of entertaaaaaainment!

Even MORE fun... what if City Council majority folks start asking those questions of Russo, Mason, Timmy...

So know everyone KNOWS how to make Russo FLEE from the dais.

Folks, how about going to the next meeting and make Mike POP?

Give it an E- M-A-I-L!  What does it spell?

If you'd like to see him scurry,  this clip is courtesy of Da Horsey... it happens at the beginning.


  1. Since Russo arrived late and then left the dais, how does he justify the $1000.00 we pay him per meeting to sit there and bloviate?

  2. My goodness, this is maybe OT, GA, but with the Smear-o-versary being this time of year and all, I was kicking around old times and thinking, "gee, they outed The Avenger way back when so as to put a cork in her satire and shut her down". How's that simple plan working out for them?

    (sigh) We were all so young then.


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