Hearts and Minds

This post made my day.

borninhobo is a gentleman- an expert fisherman-  an 'old school' sorta fellow.  And at one time,  ensconced in the political POV of his peeps.  Definitely  not a GA fan and let me know that on a couple of occasions. 

Now borninhobo is a thoroughly decent sort, and has come around to seeing who is really trying to make Hoboken a better place, and who is screwing their own.  So to hear that others are catching on- his peeps... well, that validates that Horsey and I are not just preaching to the choir.

Thank you, dear borninhobo.   This one's for  you.


  1. Great news!
    Surely there are more folks who read and discover the [awful] truth, but don't choose to blog.

    Here's hoping he can apply some "missionary zeal" and "convert" others too!
    No time like now.

    But most important is translating the understanding (& outrage) into action---by voting for good government. And then holding those elected accountable. That's the only way the knowledge becomes truly powerful!


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