Heads Up, FBI: Fake Janett Emails

GA is aware that the FBI has been monitoring the blogs, so Boys & Girls of Autumn, this one's for you.

Someone has set up a Janett Ricciardi email account and has been sending fraudulent email under her name. The recipient of the email forwarded it for my information, and I then forwarded it others. We all agree: it's a FAKE.

The email begins:

I am Patrick Ricciardi's wife.

So let there  be no mistake the email is a deliberate hijacking of another person's identity and an effort to mislead the recipient.      

GA suspects this is a campaign to undermine Janett Ricciardi's credibility as a potential witness in the government's future prosecutions.   The REAL ex-Mrs. Ricciardi has made some explosive allegations recently, so it would interest some to make her look like a nut.

The email contains deliberately false and misleading information designed to influence the FBI's investigation.

The recipient will gladly surrender the original email for your investigation, so you can track the digital trail and obtain further information from the ISP and see who is perpetuating this fraud.

It is fraud, isn't it?  Should I wake up Not-Stempler and ask?


So FBI.  Heads up.  Fake Janett on the loose.


  1. oh my.....who would be that mean. Cruel intentions....goodness

    is it me, has the world gotten meaner.....guess those free-spirit days are gone.

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  3. One can only hope the agents involved are sophisticated enough to quickly suss-out this sort of blog-shenanigan.

    Anyway, it's just more of the same sick behavior. All designed to waste your energy with drama and intrigue, so you expend it in ultimately empty-enough outrage.

    For example, the circumscribed circle of blogging choir-preachers. Well-intentioned, investigative, informative & entertainingly-cathartic.

    But "reform" remains not so well-organized for effective action. The machine counts on hand-wringing in cyberspace. It pays flunkies like Gumby, Chum-py, & Weasel to keep you "outrageously" occupied there.

    The machine sociopaths count on the reform-minded to be addicted to outrage. And they count on that to never really dismantle their infrastructure. They've always been far better organized "on the ground."

    No time like now to prove them wrong.

    How's the organizing for the recall faring? Is the petition ready? How about the volunteers for petition-signing, voter registration & VBM?

    Don't count on the FBI to be Hoboken's savior. That's a sure set-up for just more outrage.


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