He Loves Me...

GA's secret admirer revealed... it's Dave Roberts! The former Mayor of Hoboken!

Yes, folks... it's true.  My mystery date.  Not the dancer, the  bowler, the beach boy or the nerd.  I scored a Mayor.

A mutual friend called me this morning and said:
Dave Roberts told me he loved your blog.  He said "I love Grafix Avenger!"   He thinks you're hilarious. He'd want to give you a job if he were still in politics.
Really, Dave?   I don't do windows;  I peek in them. Then blog what I see.  

Well, I 'm flattered that a local political celebrity enjoys GA, and admits to it.  I assumed such folks think of this blog like that porno mag hidden behind their toilet.  (And don't tell me it's not there)

But not Dave. He loves me.  And I love him.

So to express my mutual adoration and as a token of appreciation for his support, GA is gifting him with...

...SWAG from the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop!

The Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop is where you will find the most complete line of Recall Beth Mason gifts and accessories anywhere- do not accept cheap imitations.  All merchandise comes emblazoned with the original GA 'Recall Beth Mason' logo.  See how much pleasure former Mayor Dave Roberts is getting out of his Recall Beth Mason merchandise?  

Enjoy, Dave!  It's all yours.

Now drop me a line, would-ja? grafixavenger666@gmail.com

Lastly... have you voted yet?

VOTE for Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder- Column C- Row 6