Say it ain't so!

It's so.   Gumby's in the pokey.

Not THIS pokey:


This pokey:


And not THIS Gumby:

Or THIS one:

THIS Gumby:

Oh, the humanity.

Read it and weep, folks:
San Diego - A 19-year-old San Diego man has pleaded guilty after he dressed up in a Gumby costume and attempted to rob a 7-Eleven back in September.

Jacob Kiss entered a 7-Eleven dressed in a Gumby costume at around 12:30 am Sept. 5 and told the clerk that he was there to rob the convenience store. He was accompanied by a friend, 20-year-old Jason Giramma.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Kiss attempted to reach into his pocket, but was hindered by his costume. He gave up a few moments later and decided to leave the store, dropping 26 cents on his way out. Giramma, his accomplice, was already outside waiting in a minivan. Both men were unarmed.

The clerk inside the store initially thought the whole thing was just a joke.

A few days later, the two men decided to turn themselves in to authorities. The Gumby costume was also surrendered.

Both men pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor burglary on Wednesday.

They were put on 3 years probation and may eventually have their cases dropped if they can stay out of trouble and secure employment, do volunteer work, or enroll in school within 6 months.
What is the world coming to, when even Gumby's packing heat?


  1. At least Pokey's okay, whew what a relief!

  2. Yeah, well our Gumby has a nicer rack, so...


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