Got a CLUE?

20. The Security Audit also revealed that e-mails stored in the Archive File had been forwarded to at least two different accounts:

a. One recipient e-mail account belonged to Individual l. a City municipal official (the "Individual 1 E-Mail Account").

Was it Colonel Russo in the Lounge with a cannoli?

Was it Miss Mason in the Study with a purple pillow?

Was it Professor Tim in the Conservatory with a binder?

Was it Mrs. Castellano in the Kitchen with a broomstick?

All four of the Hoboken City Council's minority members say they were not involved in a suspended IT officer's alleged hacking of city officials' emails.

Castellano, Russo and Occhipinti each said they did not receive any emails from Ricciardi.

While some believed that council members Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo and Theresa Castellano - all Zimmer opponents - were involved in the incident, they have all denied wrongdoing.

Castellano and Occhipinti said they knew nothing about the incident. Occhipinti added that he hopes the details come into light.

Got any clue WHO?


  1. Most bodacious, GA, I'm not really big on gratuitous posts but I have to say this post is an immediate contender for "p1ywood's 2011 Hoboken Post of the Year". I salute you. This one rocks, and I can only wonder why you haven't put a home version of this Clue game in the "Recall Mason Gift Shop", it would be a real mover this holiday season, for example it's just the stocking stuffer for our friends in Newark who want to take work home with them. Of course, I guess the big stumbling block to sales of the game is that while all the main characters featured are most proficient at playing games, it remains that none of them really want to win at this, and they were much happier before all these persnickety indictments came into play, when in more innocent times they were wiling away the hours trying to win the Hoboken Machine version of "Monopoly".

  2. Thank you, dear ply.

    I'm afraid that GA is the Land of Gratuitous posts, but glad you enjoyed this one. Yes, I have some Recall Mason Gift Shop ideas, but can't seem to get to them- a little arrest got in the way. Well, not so little- it was the arrest that launched 1,000 gratuitous posts... can't stop... help me... need an intervention...

  3. Mrs. Richard G. Mason may state that she didn't receive emails from Ricciardi, but that is not the same as not receiving illegally obtained emails or the information (her favorite word) contained therein through another conduit.

    True to her delusional self, she may actually believe that the FBI cannot connect those dots. Foolish bitch.

  4. Sorry GA, I misspoke. I meant to say "I'm not big on gratuitous COMMENTS" like the one I was making. I would never accuse you of gratuitous posts, except the one where you were really harping on.... oh, nevermind, just kidding.

    For once I am glad to hear about arresting developments though.

    PS: for the gift shop don't forget the Old Guard themed game of "Operation" to celebrate their obstructive operations during that dark period in our hospital's history.

    You don't even want to hear the politically incorrect ideas I have for the Hoboken version of "Hungry, Hungry Hippos". Even I draw the line somewhere.

  5. hahaha the cannoli got
    gee if we could only get a cannoli or piece of crumb cake at our only local bakery...... that's under siege.

  6. Yes indeed, Oracle. Such is prosecution under the criminal enterprise statutes per my well-paid legal department; Mason didn't have to directly obtain the 'intercepted emails' to be in a world of legal trouble.

    Indiana wants me... Lord, I can't go back there...Indiana wants me... Lord, I can't go back there...

    ply, I'm a fan of politically incorrect ideas. How about sharing offline?

    tess, I feel your pain. I used to buy LA big cookies with M&Ms on top back in the old days. Now? Fuhgedddaboutit.

  7. Giorgio's is much better than Carlo's

  8. if one (or more) of these clowns gets busted, what's the process for replacing them on the council? would there be an immediate emergency election? i'd imagine voting would be open only to people in their wards, right? probably not a bad idea to start giving preliminary thought to who might run.

    i'm sure the minion would love a return to lenzbianism. ;-)

  9. oh yes Giorgio's is a true Italian i remember when I was young.... love going there around holidays.

  10. JAM, if one (or more) get hauled off the CC dais, handcuffed then loaded into the paddy wagon (after running the media gauntlet outside City Hall), I believe the Mayor would appoint their replacement(s).

    Someone, correct me if that's wrong.

  11. My bet is on Mrs Beth Richard Mason. However, if she was so stupid to get her hands in the cookie jar, I am sure that Richard Mason may be now talking to some high up politicians and is already spending his millions to keep the fool out of jail. Why was she so vehement in asking for THE EMAILS unless she had them already? This woman is the epitome of stupidity. We have to recall the fool if the FEDS are not jailing her ugly phycho face. Time for this community to wake up and do something radical.


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