Going For the Insanity Defense

That must be it.  

Wow. You will be "marked"...

"The mayor will have you arrested..."  You mean like filing a police complaint on a blogger because you feel "threatened" by a nonsense quip? Or the rigged arrest of  Director Sacs?

Mayor Mason, Ramos or Raia will return you to "peace and normalcy"?

Um... 'HQ' , please read the following:
Schizophrenia is believed to be caused when certain chemicals in the brain are not in balance. Not all people with schizophrenia have the same symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms for schizophrenia may include:

* Seeing, hearing, or sensing things that are not there (hallucinations)
* Believing that what other people say is not true (delusions)
* Not trusting others and feeling very suspicious (paranoia)
* Avoiding family and friends and wanting to be alone (not attending City Council meetings)

When it comes to helping you manage your symptoms of schizophrenia, it’s good to know you have options. And it’s good to know that there’s more than one way to take your schizophrenia medication.

One option is a long-acting medicine given by injection, which works over a long period of time.

If you have a hard time remembering to take a pill every day, you are not alone. A study suggests that after a year of treatment, up to half of all people with schizophrenia did not take their medication as prescribed by their doctor. Talk to your doctor to see if a once-monthly schizophrenia treatment option may be right for you.
Folks, the guy's a loon. Authentic or not.

Obsessed with taking down the mayor it's one stunt after another, coordinated with the equally unstable proprietor of Hoboken411, financed by the third leg of an unhinged stool... the "Occupy Hoboken Parking Utility" is their latest weapon of mass distraction.

A real DUD.

But go back to HQ's post and you will see an insanity defense taking shape... because Santa's elves should be arriving any day now...

with Santa in tow...

Let's hope HQ, The Wallet and The Gutter-scribe have a very ORANGE Christmas.



  1. Extreme narcissism can easily morph into delusions attached to the world view, which is already pathologically "Me of the I." So too, can depression deepen into delusional states.

    I'd suggest that---rather than schizophrenic command hallucinations, telepathed from an easel, a keyboard, and/or the Goddess of the Masonic Temple---driving the obsessional blogger of many screen names. Plus the all-or-nothing/love-hate iconic-fixation that applies. Especially to certain women.

    With this cast of the already-deeply-disturbed, one can only imagine the ever-deepening fear & depression that pervades their daily existences. Whatever compensatory "bully-face" they put on it in public. That's transparent anyway. For awhile now, Mason's visage has taken on a near-permanent twisted grimace. It's like a mirror into her bankrupt soul.

    Very Greek-tragedy like, if only the audience could get up & leave after the performance. But the FBI as the deus ex machina? That act remains to be seen.


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