GA Products Show Up in HR FLASH Ads

A reader sent me this:

look who shows up in the flash ads! 

And this screen shot from The Hoboken Reporter:

See that?  Cafe Press selected 2 GA products from the Recall Mason Gift Shop in their Black Friday ad!

How exciting!

The reader sent a second screen shot- the same (2) products are in their banner ad:

GA is honored to have the Mason 'Pinocchio'-proboscis design and the Nurse Mason & Gumby design selected by Cafe Press.

And in case you missed it, GA rolled out a new design for Hanukkah, and introduced these new holiday  products today in the Recall Mason Gift Shop:

Great stocking stuffers!  2 1/4" magnets in Christmas and Hanukkah designs

The Recall Beth Mason for Hanukkah mug- click here

The Recall Beth Mason for Christmas mug- click here

Recall Beth Mason  t-shirts for Christmas and Hanukkah

These designs can be placed on any available product, so don't hesitate to make a request if you don't see what you want in our Gift Shop. Do not accept cheap imitations. 

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Hanukkah!

The Weasel wishes you a "Happy Hanukkah" on his easel.

Kiss your loved one under the mistletoe.


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  2. There's so much spinning, anyway...

    How about a Recall dreidl, with images on each side? The game could be played for felony "gelt": coins embossed with 10 yrs., 20 yrs., a life-sentence, etc. Package the whole thing in a box designed to look like a little prison cell, wrapped up with a blue ribbon, & decorated with a Recall Mason sticker.

  3. Just in from Cafe Press,
    new "Recall Beth Mason" (RBM) themed Holiday Gifts.
    Can we interest you in:
    Recall Beth Mason (RBM) cake server
    RCM Thumb drive
    RBM 'Pokey' "Stick" horse
    RBM walking stick
    RBM holiday Romano cheese gift set
    RBM Perp Walking Shoes
    RBM Fuzzy prison slippers
    RBM Council meeting blooper reel
    RBM Special Edition 4th Ward election purse
    RBM Retro Playtime council gavel
    How many gifts can we put you down for?


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