GA Endorsement: "Kurt is a Courageous Man..."


...said City Council President Ravi Bhalla today in his endorsement of Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder.

Well, that's true.

That's why GA is endorsing him- which is kind of obvious since all week I've been posting pics of his opponent, Anthony 'Stick' Romano, next to Nurse Mason and Gumby.

So this is the official GA endorsement.  For what it's  worth.

I did try to  get him a better one.

I asked if I could let God endorse him instead and let Satan endorse his opponent (he owes me a couple of favors- Satan, not Stick), but Kurt said 'NO'.    So while I'm not nearly as important as God, Satan or Ravi Bhalla, GA does know a little bit about Kurt that Ravi doesn't.(Though God might and the Lord of Darkness definitely does)

Like he plays the piano beautifully- and composes.

We once wrote a song together called 'Perry and Lane' but Kurt's really a classical composer, although most proud of his limericks.

OK, so those talents aren't germane to the skills required of Freeholder, but what it tells you about Kurt is that he's sensitive, artistic and creative.  Which also aren't germane to the job of Freeholder.

Kurt, are you sure I'm helping you?

Well, GA knows this much.

What  Hoboken NEEDS in our next Freeholder is what Kurt Gardiner WILL BE which is an ADVOCATE for LOWER TAXES and MORE SERVICES for OUR MONEY.

Hoboken pays 17% of the County's taxes although we are 6% of the population and 1 out of 12 municipalities.

Isn't that total bullshit?

Kurt thinks so, too.

Stick Romano, the incumbent, ran his campaign with a 100K war-chest, raised by County bosses from the School of 'I scratch your back,  you scratch mine'.

How can Romano take money from people who control the County's wealth, while advocating to take a greater share of that wealth for Hoboken?


That's why our taxes went up 3 times during the reign of Stick Romano.

Kurt doesn't give a rat's ass about the County bosses, about schmoozing and palling around with them and attending their fundraisers.   

He WON"T take their money. 

Kurt doesn't want to be LIKED.

Kurt doesn't want FAVORS.

Kurt doesn't want to ENRICH HIMSELF.

Kurt wants Hoboken taxpayers and residents to get their FAIR SHARE of the pie.

People, we NEED an ADVOCATE where we haven't had one in County government.

Kurt's got the 3 B's: Balls, Brains and Bravery.

Kurt is 6'-8".

Kurt makes a cream soup casserole with tater tots. That's why Hoboken needs a hospital.

Visit Kurt's campaign website here. 

Now, this is important.  Whomever you see tomorrow (in Hoboken) who appears to be over the age of 18 and sober, please remind them to vote.

Here are sample reminders for your use, courtesy of GA:
"Have  you voted for Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder today?'

"When you vote for Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder, remember he's in Column C, Row 6."

"Did you know Kurt Gardiner will lower your taxes and play the piano for Hoboken? He's on Column C- Row 6"

"First: Freeholder Romano, next: Senator Gumby."

Oh, no... anything but Senator Gumby. Please...