The F.B.I. Took 35 Hard Drives

The talented Ray Smith over at The Hudson Reporter has an amusing piece this weekend called "What Exactly Did the FBI Take from Hoboken? 

In it Smith names the items seized in May, suggesting they'd make good stocking stuffers.  (Not unlike how GA  pimps the Recall Mason Gift Shop where one can pick up unique and collectible holiday items for under your tree and inside your Christmas stockings.  Do not accept imitations.  And Jews, there's something there for you, too.)

Anyway, Smith's article is informative because he used OPRA to obtain the complete list of items taken from Hoboken City Hall now in FBI custody.

How does she do it? One has to wonder where she finds the time- with her media empire and all: a magazine, cable television networks, a book club, the hearts of women across America,...

Chew on this:
Four laptops, six service tags, and 35 hard drives were also removed from the Information Technology office, according to the inventory sheet.
35 hard drives!

No WONDER they're taking so frigging long to fill up their paddy wagon!   Connecting the dots between  35 hard drives would be like connecting every star in The Milky Way (that's 200-600 billion, give or take a few dozen).

Imagine the investment of time and resources to wade through The Milky Way, um-35 hard drives. The F.B.I. is investing (literally) millions of dollars into nailing... one Patrick Ricciardi?

Of course not.

Ricciardi was the trumpet call signaling the infantry is on the other side of the hill.  They'll get here- once they've traversed the Milky Way.

In the meantime, our City Council friends have dropped so many CLUES in their pursuit of emails from specific individuals just prior to the F.B.I. seizure, and AFTER it- such as Mason's efforts to have the Feds surrender evidence in their custody, that OF COURSE their behavior has fed enormous speculation from observers.

Like GA.  And a Horse.  And many, many others.

It's the best game in town. 


  1. Hopefully, the four gas-bags of our apocalypse will be opra'd and gone very soon.

  2. I will not be surprised if Occhipinti survives. He's fundamentally lazy and probably wouldn't have bothered to read anything or tried to connect any dots provided by the stolen emails. Unlike Beth/Lane in their loathing of blogs, bloggers, and PIOs not named Lane; and Russo with his union connections and people to do for so they do for him.

    I tend to agree with GA. The expense of this forensic operation needs to be explained to higher-ups. Only catching Patrick Ricciardi and a retiree while Hudson County continues to function as Cook County Junior would not sit well with a government under pressure to cut costs or show results.

  3. Just because the Feds like to get out for a spell from Newark some people think a dozen or so run off to hang out in Hoboken. Hey Hoboken is a hot destination in NJ, right after Atlantic City.

    Besides, Al Sullivan convinced me GA and MSV are the problem with his overwhelming evidence. LOL

    Agree that Occhipinti may be left standing as it's not clear if direct knowledge of a conspiracy will be prosecuted. If so then he's in deep doo doo on two fronts: the massive voter fraud and the DTR.

    Info is correct though. The Old Guard didn't need to fill him in on anything other than instructing him what to read off an iPad and how to vote on certain items meeting to meeting.

    Occhipinti however is very lacking in intellectual curiosity, street smarts, common sense and judgement. He thinks his job is nothing more than politics and that's his role model in MORTe.

    Warned him he was going to learn the hard way on his lame attempt to get the police to go after GA on satire. He was completely arrogant about a laughable piece calling it a "credible threat."

    How'd you like dem apples Tim.

    He'll learn but not before he discovers the Old Guard ain't his friends.


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