The ex-Wife on PolitickerNJ

GA had a brief chat with my legal department, Not-Stempler, before being sent the link to PolitickerNJ where these comments from Janett Ricciaridi, the ex-wife of Patrick Ricciardi, were posted.

Not-Stempler concurred with GA that the ex-Mrs. should be talking to law enforcement officials if they don't find her first.

Here's what she said on PolitickerNJ:

Yes, it is very sad situation.  I am really upset about the whole thing!  I needed to get away from Hoboken because I wanted to get away from the drama & not have to think about it.  Patrick worked for many in the City of Hoboken.  He worked with fire department, police department, City Hall, etc.  I was often depressed about my situation with him & what he was doing illegally.  Everyone thought something was wrong with me because I was sad, well now people know why I was so distraught.  I did not want my husband involved in illegal activity.  People this is big! Trust me it goes back to the Garage, Parking Authority, Police & Fire department.

Please be informed that Patrick Ricciardi is not an "victim" in this circumstance!! He has been involved in countless illegal activities in the work place in the past from petty theft to fraud, etc. His past employer had an bench arrest for him for stealing money orders, checks, and products!!  Furthermore, he was involved in some illegal activity with Anthony Ricciardi (a city hall employee) that was computer related!! He deleted some computer files from Anthony's computer or whatever it was so "Anthony would not get in trouble in the investigation, I have to go help Anthony out." Patrick is NOT innocent or victim in any way whatsoever!! The FBI needs to investigate Patrick Ricciardi further to see what he has been involved in within City Hall. Please don't feel sorry for him. Justice has to prevail!!    

I have said what I know about the Patrick Ricciardi situation and involvement in computer related crimes.  All I know about is the hacking in the Garage that was done & the Anthony deleting the files because he told me about it.  However, he only told me he hacked the computers & deleted the files from the Anthony Ricciardi's computer.  I don't know what else he did because I can't remember everything.  Those two I am sure about.  Patrick started to work for city hall, fire department, police department, etc. when he was working for FLASHTECH.  He then opened up his own business called MJP Computer services, of which he also did illegal things with including the not paying taxes.  I am not lying this is who the real Patrick is unfortunately.   I am really worried about what has happened.  At first as I angry at Patrick because so many times I told him to stop doing illegal things but he never listened to me when it came to that.  I only hope he is doing well & that Joshua is doing well too.

GA note: I removed references to their son and to a friend unrelated to activities in Hoboken.


  1. Just another pathetic chapter in an already sad spectacle. One can only hope that while using a blog as her public confessional, she also went to the authorities first. MBB is no lawyer, but here's hoping no legal maneuvers can be pulled (regarding what is "admissable," deemed "prejudicial," etc.), if her allegations are substantiated, because her statements also went viral or went viral first. Perhaps N-S would have indicated if that were a concern-?


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