The ex-Wife Dishes

...and dishes and dishes.

The former Mrs. Patrick Ricciardi went off on her ex-spouse yesterday on a Jersey Journal thread... it wasn't pretty.  GA is not particularly interested in the personal aspect of her postings.  I feel sorry for her, and for her children.

Rather, it's her testimony as witness to what she alleges was her ex-husband's history of criminal activity  that GA finds compelling.

Like this:
I can say that he was committing illegal crimes in all of the places he has worked in past. I can't tell you the dates but did he committ crimes yes!! He stole, embezzled, committed fraud, etc. Computer crimes are the tip of the iceburg dig deeper into the well FBI because obviously you haven't dug deep enough!!


Either one can be dismissive and say the woman-scorned is grinding  an axe, or else she's lashing out in despair and telling the truth.

After reading through the thread, it seems to me the latter.

Her posts blend anger, pain, love, fear, disappointment, in a plea that her ex come clean; only the truth will see you free.

GA also sees liberation in her rantings, as though unloading her knowledge of the crimes she alleges, festering inside for years, sets her free.  She's come clean, and has to know that by doing so she may find herself a prosecutor's witness.

I think I get her.

Mind you, GA is a woman; an XX.  Of course, a typically-insensitive XY dolt might see the burst of emotion and shrug: she's crazy.  

What do you think?

Here it is, Janett Ricciardi's 'testimony' on

Janett honey, my best advice is to call the authorities immediately if you have withheld such information.

You've put your 'witness' testimony out there in public, admitted to knowing of illegal activities now GA believe you have to step up and report what you know. Unfortunately, your postings may be used to attack your credibility as a witness.  In hindsight, maybe you realize you should have reported all this all before (and instead of) posting it online.  In any event, you would be wise to got to the authorities.

GA's 2 cents.

(Update, 310 pm)
GA just checked the thread for new comments- all of Jannett Ricciardi's comments are GONE.

I wonder if that was done at her request.


  1. apparently he caused her fear that put her in hiding......she knew too much. To me she is a victim of his thug friends his illegal doings. Easiest way to shut her up is call her nuts or worse. Its the culture of this area. No one should fear walking down the one. To me she is of a "victim mentality" cause and effects.

  2. Yes, tess. I won't judge her, I'd just urge her to tell authorities what she knows.

  3. Someone may already be pitching the story to the producers of "In Plain Sight."

  4. i didn't think her posts would last long, just hope they have her and her children safe from this local madness especially if she talks.


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