Earwitness News: Uh-oh...


GA is the source of THIS Earwitness News report.  That's MY ear, folks.

I heard this from a very reliable source. It looks like one of Perry Klaussen's victims- and there are scores of them- wants to take him to court.

To protect this individual's identity, GA will not specify the aspiring-plaintiff's grievance.  It could be one of any number of things: theft of intellectual property, getting shaken-down for free food or perks, bad reviews when refusing to buy advertising resulting in damages, overcharging on ad rates, libel, defamatory photo shops, publication of confidential public documents... have I missed anything?

All GA can reveal is that this person believes he/she has suffered damages and is looking for legal redress. Good luck!


  1. would be funny if perry is sued and the ensuing court case reveals a money trial leading to ricky mason.

  2. I'm confused, I'm telling ya. I never get the jokes. Is this "The Case of the Two Perry Masons"? Can someone tell me which one is the real Perry Mason? Raymond Burr or the guy on the right after the alleged adoption goes through?

    Speaking of pot-boiling Mason Mysteries, here's another. If Ms Mason spent a year on the council telling everyone she wanted to give the "surplus" back to the taxpayer, and used it as a central re-election campaign issue in May, why is she now squandering the "surplus" left and right on politically motivated imprudent voting? Do you recall that?

    So see what I mean? Aren't you confused a super-majority of the time too? Or is is just me?

  3. Didn't the council of no promise if you left the surplus with the city, the city would spend it? They never said what part of the city would spend it...

  4. I'm guessing Mason gets pulled into it during the deposition phase.

  5. MBB predicts very "expert witnesses" will be engaged to establish neuro-psychological issues render this sadly disturbed man either unfit to stand trial or guilty by reason of insanity.

    "Compelling evidence" already exists, given his head injury and possible documentation of pre-existing mental illness. With the right legal team (& you can be certain the Masons will engage one), his "instability" could be used to discredit any testimony he might offer.

    In the theater of the absurd that is Hoboken, the forensic drama will play better than any episode of Law & Order.


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