Al and the Whiners

Oh, dear, sweet, incredibly stoned man.

My friend.

It looks like the The Dark Siders who barrage you daily with their spin have turned into whiny little bitches.
Many of the most prominent bloggers have blatantly and unfairly accused Councilman Michael Russo, Councilwoman Beth Mason, and political activist (and Mason friend) Lane Bajardi of being connected with the scandal.
WAAAAAA!  Those mean bloggers! Boo hoo! 

I've never heard a peep out of Dawn Zimmer who's been defiled in the most degrading ways by Hoboken411 for years... not  a peep. 

Nor have we heard a peep from the other Reform targets who've been accused there of malfeasance, mocked for their weight and stature in vicious prose executed by ghostwriter  Lane Bajardi, who is widely believed to have been on the Mason payroll for years.

Because Reformers act like grown-ups (except for me).

But the little crying bitches on the Dark Side who are used to owning the press and paying for news, can't handle heat from an alternative 'media' that they can't buy.

No, the little whiny bitches on the Dark Side try to BULLY their critics from their municipal volunteer boards with frivolous City Council  resolutions attacking free speech, smear them in public forums FALSELY as 'targets of an ongoing criminal investigation' or ask the police to arrest them. 

And when all THAT doesn't work, they call YOU.

WAAAAAAA!  The Girl and the Horse are being MEAN to us! Boo hoo!

Hoboken411 was the first out of the gate with the spin that the FBI was here to investigate ZIMMER and YOU bought it.
That's what "some sources" told you to write.  The same whiny bitches that are crying to you now about bloggers.  Boo hoo.

Yes, Al.  Pity the poor victims:
  • VICTIM #1:  The vindictive millionairess with bottomless pockets for multiple cable TV ad blitzkriegs, city-wide push polls and mailers, an army of political strategists, consultants and operatives, a letter-writing husband, buddies in the media- like Augie Torres and yourself, a vast network of political 'friends'... not to mention she's an ELECTED OFFICIAL.  Which means she's got to deal with scrutiny from the "news outlets" (that's what she called GA in one of her city-wide polls).
  • VICTIM #3: Hoboken411 political ghostwriter STILL lobbing vicious, personal attacks from a dizzying array of online identities, as cited on MSV: Colonel Stevens, prosbus, Hoboken Questioner, yesm, Professor Pinetop, theyalltalk, youme66, blooddiamonds, darfakles, boink, Redhaven, Enough,  YimYam, Madison Monroe, bokenbart, BobindaBoken, Skyclub, TommyTune, wakeup07030,etc.
These are the folks who need your protection against their critics. They're not supposed to have critics.

They're supposed to be protected.

Once again, what you wrote:
Many of the most prominent bloggers have blatantly and unfairly accused Councilman Michael Russo, Councilwoman Beth Mason, and political activist (and Mason friend) Lane Bajardi of being connected with the scandal.
What happened to Flipper?  

You forgot to mention the King of the C (Council), a Hero for 5-minutes when SPIN from the Dark Side branded him a Voice of Reason on a panel of crazed hospital sale-killers.

Principles have a short shelf life on the Dark Side.

Sadly, days later Flipper lost his Voice. And his Reason. And voted against moving budget line items- now warned TWICE by the state it violates NJ statutory law, and voted against a simple, costless bond refinance blowing a $4.5 million dollar hole in the City's budget.

Howe about writing about THAT stuff, dear Al.  Instead of mean, unfair bloggers. Sniff sniff.  Gulp.

Swap out "bloggers" with "Hoboken resident taxpayers", and "unfair" with "outraged"... you can keep "mean".

So really, the whiny bitches don't like blow-back from mean, outraged, Hoboken resident taxpayers- who coincidentally have blogs.

So Al, have any bloggers "blatantly and unfairly accused" Dawn Zimmer of being "connected with the scandal"?  Hmmmm?

This was posted on Hoboken411 last May- you've had 6 months to respond to the "blatantly and unfairly accused"  Zimmer:

Why didn't you?

I know the answer.

Because Reformers aren't whiny bitches.  They don't call you on the phone and CRY.


GA hasn't even addressed the substance of the bitches' 'complaint'.

Sure, the blogosphere has guessed who Individuals 1,2 and 3 in the United States of America vs. Patrick Ricciardi complaint are.  It's FUN!

But no "prominent bloggers" have accused Mason, Russo or Bajardi of being any of those.


GA has said repeatedly that the Criminal Enterprise theory of investigation will be used by the FBI in their prosecutions.

YES, I do believe that a few chairs on the City Council dais may be relieved of their occupants, whether or not they were identified in the Ricciardi complaint.

Because per the  Criminal Enterprise theory, one may be indicted whether or not they received  intercepted emails directly.
Although the media frequently focuses on the conviction of the leaders of major criminal enterprises, such as the Gambino crime family, the Colombian Cali Cartel, or the Sicilian Mafia, dozens of lesser-known individuals belonging to the same criminal organization also often receive long prison sentences. Those who escaped prosecution or served their sentence may return to find the criminal enterprise to which they once belonged extinct due to a powerful tool in the law enforcement arsenal-the Enterprise Theory of Investigation (ETI).

The ETI has become the standard investigative model that the FBI employs in conducting investigations against major criminal organizations. The successful prosecutions of major crime bosses serve as direct testaments to the benefits of this model. Unlike traditional investigative theory, which relies on law enforcement's ability to react to a previously committed crime, the ETI encourages a proactive attack on the structure of the criminal enterprise. Rather than viewing criminal acts as isolated crimes, the ETI attempts to show that individuals commit crimes in furtherance of the criminal enterprise itself In other words, individuals commit criminal acts solely to benefit their criminal enterprise. By applying the ETI with favorable state and federal legislation, law enforcement can target and dismantle entire criminal enterprises in one criminal indictment
 Now, Al. Given that the blogs have been prescient on where this investigation is going (where the mainstream media has not), perhaps there's a reason why the whiners have set upon you.

Because the bloggers have gotten too close to the truth.

And we can talk about how such blogs came about- alternative opinions were  censored on Hoboken411. GA, Horsey, Reformerous Giganticus.  All censored off.  So we made our own homes in cyberspace. In  other words...

The whiny bitches created us.

So now they have to deal with us. That's fair.

Pssst... Al, I know where you've been shopping...

Handsome (yet occasionally-misguided) devil, Al Sullivan


  1. What's with this guy's hair? Horrendous!

  2. Do you really think most HR readers give Al any credence? Especially now. His spin is just absurd, not to mention predictable & boring.

    Anyone who actually reads that rag knows it's always been pure machine drivel & a platform for real estate developers. Because they're feeding from the trough already &/or know the whole Reporter "empire" is steeped in machine ties from the Barry/Applied Cos. connections.

    The ones who don't know, aren't reading it anyway & don't care. Those tend to be the same apathetic folks who also tend not to register & vote here.

    Al's got a comfy writer's gig---why would he want to rock the boat this late in his "career"?

    The HR's plastic sleeve comes off for use as a poop bag. Al & the Letters to the Editor are read for black comedy, before it goes in the recycling bin or the bottom of the bird cage, or shredded for the litter box.

    Of interest to the FBI? Maybe they read it for local color & comic relief around their "persons of interest." But credible, investigative journalism? Nope.

  3. Agreed, MBB, but have to give some props to Ray Smith, who is a decent young reporter when his editors actually let him do it. And Andy Newman is now a good reporter at the NY Times!

  4. If he's smart, Ray will move on, like Andy did. Al, I suspect, allowed himself to get burned out. Or already was, before he even started. Whatever his odyssey, he's irrelevant now. Ditto with that JJ hack, Auggie Torres.

  5. ^^ and augie still live in their little insular "the way it used to be" political bubble, blind to (or dismissive of) an awakening among citizens/taxpayers/voters. it's easy to say "yeah yeah's hudson county, that's the way things are done here, it's never going to change"...until one day they find themselves on their heels, out of step with the times and disconnected from citizens (aka, their readers). soon, they will find themselves too busy rearranging deck chairs on the titantic.

    as bobby d once sang, "something is happening here/But you don't know what it is/Do you, Mister Jones?"

  6. Sullivan appears to have surrendered his gray matter to the machine. However, Ray Smith has shown an independence and willingness to investigate matters I assume the machine would prefer were left alone. I've been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion.

  7. @Deirdre Wall: Ibid. Concise comment. Couldn't agree more.

    HobReporter would be well advised to be nice to Mr Smith. He's the best "shot in the arm" to their credibility in recent memory. We'll see.

  8. Ray Smith will likely leave at the first opportunity, leaving the Hoboken Distorter to be what it is: porn for crap-building developers and incompetent real estate agents.


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