Beth Mason Announces HUMC Sale


  1. This is funny as hell. Nice one, GA.

  2. Uncannily accurate. Great piece GA.

  3. to me, she is a tragic figure at this point. Wandering around the mausoleum, without any real friend to tell her to snap out of it. She is a menace that her family needs to address. Hoboken is sick and tired of having to deal with her brand of insanity.

  4. I'm hearing more of that, k.

    I'm reading through a lengthy email from a reader who espouses a mix of empathy and alarm. It's powerful and illuminating. I've decided to post it.

    The bottom line is, beyond any policy or political differences, she is truly unfit to serve at this point. A "menace" as you put it. A menace that nearly shut down our hospital and threw our city into chaos.

    With the garage bond refinance coming up and LAYOFFs on the line, and MORT's disabling BA Arch Liston from moving money around in our budget- sure to trigger yet another Fiscal Monitor, Mason's unfitness must be addressed. Publicy. I do it my way. Let others do it their way.

    It's got to be recognized. For the sake of our city.

  5. K

    Love ya but IMO no award yet of "tragic figure" status, at least until she has lost her city council voting rights once and for all. She still can brandish the weapon of voting insanely with millions of our dollars on the line. There's no rush on the "tragic figure" designation. Day will come soon enough where she's going to be directionless, wandering pariah for a long, long time. In an epic, biblical way at that. In the meantime IMO the smart money is on her not going quietly, or to your point, rationally.


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