Back From the Dead?

Klaussen fighting to reanimate his dead site with a Parking Jihad, Mason flails at Dawn Zimmer with a new campaign of distraction

Brought to you by the folks who tried to kill our hospital (literally)...  oh, here they are...

...a ginned-up 'movement' to bring Hoboken411's traffic back from the Dead and DISTRACT you from the wrecking-ball governing by  the Council minority (Mason, Russo Occhipinti and  Castellano).
What's it all about?  The battle cry of a new Facebook group to "take back our streets from the Parking Utility".

I'd like to see that.  And once the streets are "taken back", then what?  Sprinkle them with magic dust and grow new parking spots?  It looks like somebody's still high from his cameo on a FOX 5 News bombshell that parking sucks in Hoboken, and our 10 year-old signage needs to be reassessed.  Which Mayor Zimmer has gone on record promising to do.

These questions remain.

Will the 4 numskulls on the Council minority who won't let the City pay our brave HFD men and women because they voted down moving money WITHIN our budget agree to bond for a revamp of the City's street signage?

Will these 4 numskulls allow any kind of capital improvements now that their actions are triggering State receivership?

Do these 4 numskulls understand they've begun to alienate their own base by their stupidity?

Starting with trying to kill the hospital sale, voting down critical life safety upgrades for the police headquarters, voting down bonding for a traffic light so our new park can't open, blowing a $4.5 million hole in our budget by not allowing a COST-FREE simple garage bond conversion which will trigger LAYOFFS, and now not letting the City pay our HFD employees?

I know this is happening anecdotally, when told more of 'their people' are reading Da Horsey and GA, and putting 2 and 2 together.

GA will have more later...