All I Want For Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!  Look what Santa's brought for someone very special. Because they've been on Santa's list...

He's making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice...

GA picks naughty.
Which is why Santa's elves will be making an early morning visit to that special someone- here they come now!

Ho Ho Ho!

And they'll bring him or her back to Santa's workshop- there's one in Florence Colorado called the ADX!

Where he or she will can make toys (or license plates) 24/7 for 5, 10, 15 years... perhaps life?

Ho Ho Ho!

And he or she will enjoy deluxe accommodations like these:

Ho Ho Ho!

It's such a super place, that's why they call it a 'Supermax'.
Supermax (short for "super-maximum security") is the name used to describe "control-unit" prisons, or units within prisons, which represent the most secure levels of custody in the prison systems of certain countries.[citation needed] The objective is to provide long term, segregated housing for inmates classified as the highest security risks in the prison system — the "worst of the worst" criminals, those whose crimes have been made popular by the media, and those who pose a threat to national and international security.

In supermax, prisoners are generally allowed out of their cells for only one hour a day (in California state prisons they are allowed out for one hour and 30 minutes); often they are kept in solitary confinement. They receive their meals through ports, also known as "chuck holes" or "bean slots," in the doors of their cells. When supermax inmates are allowed to exercise, this may take place in a small, enclosed area where the prisoner will exercise alone.

Prisoners are under constant surveillance, usually with closed-circuit television cameras. Cell doors are usually opaque, while the cells may be windowless. Conditions are plain, with poured concrete or metal furniture common. Often cell walls, and sometimes plumbing, are soundproofed to prevent communication between the inmates.

Ho Ho Ho!


  1. "showers in cells"??? that eliminates half the fun. ;-)


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