Where was Tim?

Councilman Tim Occhipinti, who represents the area in and around the Housing Authority, made the flooding problem one of his main campaign issues.

On Sunday afternoon, agitated because of the situation, longtime HHA resident Margie Biart wondered where the councilman was during the storm. "I haven't heard from him," Biart said. "He should have been here with us."

Occhipinti did not respomd to multiple attempts for comment. 


  1. Sadly, Mr Occhipinti has no reason to answer any questions or the phone at all unless he can announce he'll be right over with the specially made up bottled water with Councilwoman Mason's name on the label and he thinks he'll get some good "ink" on Patch (or the like) out of the deal. If there are no written-by-other-people prepared remarks to be stumbled through or photo-ops to mislead people into thinking he gives a crap, he is no where to be found. What a useless, self-involved owes-his-seat-to-the-Machine Councilperson he has proven himself to be.

    Also, Ms Mason, in terms of her MIA status, it follows she is "mad at Hoboken" now, not only because she lost the council presidency despite heavy financial support of Old Guard Clan candidates (annoyed, as Groucho said for "not wanting to belong to a club that would have someone like her as a member"), but also is probably miffed that certain investigations are ending up at her doorstep and it's not necessarily the kind of thing you can buy your way out of. After all she's done for us (read: herself)! She's taken her ball and gone home in a snit, "let the henchman do the deeds" to the ingrates, boo-hoo.

    Quick side-bar to wanna-be council persons:
    A natural disaster that entails 5 feet of water in your town (mostly sewage), power outages and mandatory evacuations might be a good time for gents, for example, to lose the tie (should you have the presence of mind to usually wear one for public day-in / day-out appearances) put on a golf jacket, maybe stop shaving for a few days and get some dirt under your fingernails by helping people out. Make your presence known and show a little bit of leadership, guidance, grit and good example. This is what people are paying you to do, but more importantly it is also the right thing to do. Take for example my witnessing Ms Giatinno out walking her ward or Mr Mello wearing out some shoe leather in the 4th Ward today. Just my opinion.

    And BTW the Mayor's office was more than on top of it. Thank you!

  2. timmy's still looking for his rain boots, he'll be right over to the HHA as soon as he can!!


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