Text from the 4th Ward

That 4-hoofed ace reporter over at MSV is reporting on heroic deeds performed by 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti on the night of the Great Flood... the Flood of BEER down Timmy's gullet at the opening of Hoboken's Pilesner Haus Biergarten!

Yes, the floods raged on and on, overwhelming Timmy's pallet with a dizzying array of flavors: Heinekin, Budweiser, Sam Adams, Molson, Schlitz, Michelob, Corona, Rolling Rock...

Just when it receded a tsunami of fermented  barley, hops and yeast  washed over Tim's entire table, nearly drowning his companion, Ruben Ramos in it's flavorful fury while the sound of laughter and merriment echoed around them in the spacious new establishment.

And here they are, moments before the tsunami hit:

Watch out, boys!  It's coming!   

Whooosh... and don't forget to tip the waitress!

It's a miracle that anyone made it out of there without heaving their bar snacks.

I hear Timmy ordered a long, hard weenie to use as an oar and paddled the whole table to safety.  And when several of his companions tried to assist,  brave Tim cried out, "Hands off  my weenie!"

Always the hero.

Meanwhile, as serious beer-flooding took place at Timmy's table at the Pilsener Haus a serious water-flooding was taking place in Timmy's 4th Ward!  Thank goodness Councilman Dave Mello arrived on the scene to help distressed residents there!

As Dave Mello rolled up his sleeves  in the 4th Ward to assist flood victims, Timmy rolled up his sleeve at the Biergarten to bite into a schnitzel.

As Mello struggled to bail flooded streets, Timmy struggled to keep down the schnitzel.

As Mello saved a pup from drowning, Timmy saved a schnitzel for Ramos.

What a night!

Timmy's heroics at the Biergarten shall not be forgotten.  Not by his 4th Ward constituents.

Not if GA and MSV can help it.