Ruben's Sangwich

In Joe Pantoliano's homage to his Hoboken upbringing, Who's Sorry Now, he talked about the local dialect which he called "Hobokenese".

In Hobokenese, a sandwich was a sangwich.

Which was sorta how my Dad said it; he was raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn and had the classic "Bowery Boys" accent:  girls = goils,  work = woik, thirty = thuy-ty, and so on.   Wish I could have put it in a bottle.

Pantoliano did the next best thing to a bottle; he preserved his Hoboken sangwich in a memoir.

Well, my Dad loved sardine sangwiches.   Here's the conversation we had at least once a week for twenty years:
Dad (chewing): Would you like a sardine sangwich?
Me:  You know I hate sardines.
Everyone's got their favorite sangwich.  Now had my Dad offered me tuna salad....  

What's yours?

What got me thinking about sangwiches, anyway?

Ruben Ramos. 

I know, I know.

But I was hungry when I read MSV  yesterday and his big juicy headline, "Ruben Ramos relinquishes Holdco connected $5,200 campaign donation" got me thinking about a big juicy sangwich.  

A big, juicy Reuben sangwich. 

Here's the Hoboken recipe, which GA calls Ruben's Sangwich:
2 slices rye bread
2 slices Swiss cheese
1/4 lb sauerkraut
splash of Russian dressing
5,200 Benjamins

Discard the first four ingredients and take the Benjamins.
Now, the great thing about Ruben's sangwich is that the chef could make you more of them if you are especially helpful to him/her.  It's possible.

A fair exchange, no?  You make my sangwich, I'll make yours.

But, if others do not see it that way, then you must give away your sangwich. 


  1. To cop the Pincus-Pantoliano patois, Ruben's career as a "playa" deserves to be in the "terlet."

    Here's hoping that includes his triple-dipping the State pension system.


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