Yesterday's post, Two Cities, has gotten a strong response from folks concerned about what's been happening down at the Boys and Girl's Club.  That's a very good thing, because someone needs to care and advocate for those kids.  But hear this.

What's happened  is NOT HoLa's fault. 

Do not direct your anger at them.

These are the consequences that should have been known and anticipated by the LOCAL B&G administrators who made the deal to sublet areas of the building used by the B&G Club- who endorsed the separation by the nature of their deal.

What did they think would happen?  

The LOCAL Boys and Girls Club administrators GAVE AWAY the space, not HoLa.  

It is up to the B&G to administrate their program properly and keep faith with their mission. That's where the fingers should  be pointed.

My suggestion to readers is to contact the Boys and Girls Club of America's  National Headquarters. Members of their leadership are listed by name HERE:

National Headquarters
1275 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309-3506
Phone: (404) 487-5700
e-mail (general inquiries):