Pool News

Just when I thought being a pest had paid off, City Hall told me this had been in the works for a while, and here it is (drum roll, please...)

The Hoboken High School pool will be open for free to Hoboken residents of all ages from 11am to 4pm, Monday through Friday from August 8th through August 26th. The high school is located at 800 Clinton Street. The pool will be used by the Hoboken High School Summer Camp from 1pm to 2pm, Monday through Thursday, from August 15th through 25th.


The under-5 and over-12 crowd  now have a place to cool off!  And it's not an oblong tin bucket- it's a real in-ground pool!  

This is an omen.  A sign from above.  Or below.  We are ON OUR WAY to a dedicated community swimming center!  With a poolside tiki bar!  And a waterfall!   (Those last 2 were Wish List items)

Coincidently, today I bought a bikini.  No, not for someone else.  Smartass.  For me.  I was inspired by a trip to Sandy Hook this week where I saw so many stuffed bikinis,  I mean... wow, some women really don't give a damn. Yikes.  

So why not me? 

So come on down to the High School next week for a refreshing swim- if you can make it.

It sure is nice to have good news to share with you.

And, tomorrow... stay tuned for a BIG announcement here on GA.  I've got a surprise for you!


  1. And I am sure that TIMMAY! had a lot to do with it.


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