Message to the 4th Ward

from your Councilman Timmy Occhipinti:

Get serious about losing weight.

He's trying to help you, folks.  He think there are too many fatties in the 4th Ward.  Just lying around waiting for the next flood, where Timmy will be thinking about you from his table at the Pilsener Haus. He's beseeched you to get your fat asses off the sofa and into a gym.

Timmy enjoys a beer with Ruben Ramos at the Pilsener Haus while his ward floods

To the Sky Club, perhaps?   That's in the 4th Ward. So while he's putting you on a path to fitness, he's promoting a 4th Ward business.  

Send those 4th Ward blubber-butts to the Sky Club, Timmy!   

But you'd best be careful yourself, Councilman:  beer is a high-calorie beverage.   Too many pints at the Pilsener Haus will give you that 'muffin top' over your belt, and you'll be off to the Sky Club yourself.

Pray for Tim: that it doesn't flood too often in Hoboken's southwest,  so the 4th Ward Councilman needn't seek refuge at his Pilsener Haus sanctuary.

Are we clear?  

Now, Tim.  Your next message to your constituents got me a little confused.

Wow, that's a lot of loose change.   

GA is certainly happy for you and grateful that you wish to share your good fortune, but don't you work full-time at a business?  So you make $800 at night?  When do you sleep?

Thank goodness, you have a business partner to help you.