Mama Wants Steak

I just heard from a friend/GA source about the surprise attendance of Michelle Russo and her acolytes at this week's School Board meeting, and found his take interesting.

Here it is:
I’ve always told you the Russos and the Old Guard are not going away easily;  that you'll have to pry every one of their claws one at a time off the levers of power.  And just when you think you might have might have made some progress – watch out.  If you think you've knocked one down another pops up somewhere else. Like the Callichios and Mama Russo at the BoE.

City Hall has been shut off as a source of patronage and jobs. The only real opportunity with a big budget is the School Board and for years it was a patronage mill. The new Board (Kids First) shut that patronage mill off after the audit in 2009 and has reduced the budget to the point where there’s a million dollar surplus. That million dollars is like dangling a a raw porterhouse steak in front of a hungry lion. Or lioness- Mama Russo. 

Of course, they’re going to be scrambling for that porterhouse steak.  And it can feed a lot of people.

And if they’re scraping the  bottom of the barrel and throwing the Calicchios out as their voices, they really are on the run.

Obviously the heat of the FBI investigation has gotten to people and scared people away. Because no way the powers  behind the scene would have ever allowed the Calicchios such a prominent face.

The Calicchios think they’re great politicians because they’ve participated in 2 elections they won because they stole them, and they think that makes them political geniuses.  They think they’re going to pull off this recall, but they’re buying their own press.  They're too stupid to realize how much trouble they’re in. 
So you know, this guy is one of the people I've tapped for information on the FBI investigation, and he is privy to some below-the-radar 'activity'.  Which he doesn't tell me, although I got this much from him- it is still alive, very much so.

Which is perhaps why my source can view Russo & Co.'s attendance at the BoE, their renewed effort to seize control of the BoE via 'recall' a sign of desperation.

And the lure of that million dollar BoE budget surplus irresistible.

They've been chased out of City Hall- at least for now.   


  1. Good g-d, GA, your posts today are all about beef! Corned beef & steak....

    But isn't this more about...chopped liver-?

  2. MBB, do you think something sublimin-able is up?

  3. reminds me of the famous willie sutton quote when asked why he robbed banks?: "because that's where the money is."


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