Look Who Brung the Pizza

pic posted on Beth Mason's Facebook page

GA doesn't Facebook (social networking creeps me out) so I rely on others to send me or tell me what others have posted on their pages.

Several readers sent me the above pic from City Councilwoman Beth Mason's Facebook page. It's captioned with something like (not verbatim):   Freeholder Anthony Romano and I delivering some dinner to our First responders, police and fire departments, and Wallace workers .  Thanks for all you've done.

Well, GA found this image interesting for a couple of reasons.

First, the photo was spliced.  Can you see? Let me put Mason where she was before she had the image cut.

Oops... too many Masons.

Here is what the original pic was before spliced:

Does anyone else think that's weird?  Why splice the pic? 

Unless Romano didn't want to be next to the Councilwoman or she didn't want to be next to the Freeholder.

But why not?

Then, GA noticed another curious aspect about the pic.  

But since it may be in bad taste to point out, I'll leave it to my readers to find it.

In any event, GA is interested in any and all pics of what our elected officials were up to before, during and after Hurricane Irene came to town.  If anyone's got pics they'd like to share, please forward to: grafixavenger666@gmail.com.   And if you'd like to remain anonymous, that's fine by me.


  1. More the likely it's a facebook display error, it happens all the time. Probalbly the file is corrupt (much like Ms. Mason herself). With all the legitimate things to razz her about, I'm not going to fault her for bringing emergency workers free pizza.

  2. No razzing on the freebies, although...

    I heard the Mason entourage didn't contact the City to coordinate. So when Mason & Co. arrived with the pizzas, the City already had provided emergency workers with pizzas... a whole lotta pizza, I heard around 30 in total.

    As for the pic, I don't Facebook. If it uploaded wrong, how hard is it to reload?

  3. OK, so now she is wearing a cross? What would the Rabbi say?

  4. Prince just called:


  5. Bank Robber, the Rabbi may also be cross.

  6. Whatever faith symbols she's displaying, they aren't working. What she needs is a very LARGE moral & ethical compass. The kindest thing her priest, rabbi, shaman or guru can do for her would be to lead her to a great shrink for treatment of her psychiatric disorders.

  7. maybe she can use this song for her next run for, sigh...mayor.....
    found it on her favorite new website:



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