The first time I went to New Orleans I fell in love.

With a drink.

Hurricane- New Orleans Style

1 oz white rum
1 oz Jamaican dark rum
1 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
3 oz orange juice
3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice
1/2 oz grenadine syrup
crushed ice

Combine all ingredients, mix well (shake or stir). Pour over crushed ice in hurricane glass. Best enjoyed through a small straw. Garnish with fruit wedge if desired.

16% (32 proof)
Serve in: Hurricane Glass

Oh, my.... sooo good.

A few of these (or just one) and you will forget all about the REAL Category 2 hurricane, Irene, that's predicted to slam Hoboken between late Saturday and Monday.

Now, while GA would advise  you to grab a loved one, snuggle under a blanket and watch a bad horror flick, City Hall is offering much different advice.  They're suggesting residents leave town.  That's you!  And me!

But where do we all go?  Paramus? 

Anyway, this is serious. So buy your Hurricane ingredients in advance, because you won't be able to get out to the store for your rum and pineapple juice once the 'fun' begins.

By the way, boys.  Just because the drink comes with a pretty pink umbrella and a fruity cherry-topped toothpick, don't be afraid to order one.  Real Men drink Hurricanes.  Just because you're 6-feet tall, muscular and subscribe to Popular Mechanics doesn't mean you can't stand at a bar with a girlie-drink.  I mean, get real.  If  you're secure in your own sexuality you should be able to grab that glass with the pink umbrella and fruity toothpick and chug the whole thing down, fruit cubes and all, in one manly gulp.

Here is the City's advisory:


The City of Hoboken is making preparations for the potential impacts of Hurricane Irene, which is currently forecast to reach the Northeast as a Category 2 hurricane between late Saturday and Monday. Residents are strongly urged to be prepared.

“If we are hit by a hurricane – even a Category 1 – the flooding can be very widespread and severe,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Even areas of Hoboken that don’t normally flood could be under many feet of water, so residents need to prepare now and be ready to move their vehicles to higher ground or out of town if necessary. We will continue to monitor the situation as the storm progresses, and if conditions warrant it, will call for an evacuation, but at this time we are asking residents with family or friends in the area or the ability to stay elsewhere to consider leaving town early for the weekend. This is a threat that residents must take seriously.”

Emergency evacuation shelters at the Wallace School and Hoboken High School are stocked with water and cots. Generators are in place for running emergency operations if needed. North Hudson Sewerage Authority is inspecting pumps and clearing catch basins. Evacuation plans have been reviewed and are in place if necessary.

Residents are advised to monitor conditions and be prepared for the possibility of severe flooding, high winds, and loss of electricity. Residents should seriously consider moving their vehicles outside of Hoboken and should be prepared to evacuate if an evacuation order is issued. At this time, the City is asking residents with the ability to stay at another location outside of Hoboken to consider doing so.

·         A hurricane or tropical storm will result in very severe and widespread flooding in Hoboken, including in areas that do not typically flood during heavy rains. Vehicles parked on streets or garages may be inaccessible for several hours or days until flooding recedes. Residents are urged to park their vehicles on higher ground or in upper levels of garages, however in the case of a tropical storm or hurricane, the safest option to avoid flood damage to vehicles is to park outside of Hoboken. Residents who are able to stay with friends or relatives are urged to consider leaving town early for the weekend.

·         Due to the possibility for high winds, residents should bring in unsecured objects from patios and balconies and secure outdoor objects such as lawn furniture or garbage cans that could blow away and cause damage or injury.

·         Residents are suggested to maintain 72 hours of non-perishable food and water in their homes and any necessary medication in the event of an emergency.

·         Senior citizens and others with special needs (such as the need for electrical medical equipment) who many need assistance with evacuation are asked to notify the Emergency Operations Center as soon as possible by calling 201-239-6643/6644. The EOC will be open 24 hours a day as of 9am on Thursday, August 25th. For emergencies, residents should call 911 or the Hoboken Police Department at 201-420-2100 and Hoboken Fire Department at 201-420-2005/2007.

·         Residents may sign up for email or text updates and alerts from the City of Hoboken by visiting:

·         The Federal Emergency Management Agency has additional information on preparing for hurricanes: