Home for the Hurricane

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So, did you do the wise thing and heed the  mayor's advice to get out of Dodge?

If you're reading this, probably not. Unless you plan to skidaddle before Hurricane Irene blows into town.  I would advise you to do so.  

I'm not. 

Which goes to show you I don't take my own advice. Well, not in this case.  The reason being to mitigate property damage inasmuch as one can bitch-slap a hurricane.

As many know GA lives in a Willow Terrace 3-story rowhouse; the lot size is 12' wide x 50' deep. I call it 'vertical living'. Minus wall-construction thickness, we're looking at a wall-to-wall clearance of under 12 feet. (Don't ask me to measure it, please; I  don't want to know)

Funny, my sister lives on 7 1/2 acres in a very large house across the Bear Mountain bridge (Putnam County, NY), and barely pays more in property taxes than I do.  Actually, not funny.   Sad. That's another topic.

Back to vertical living.

Yesterday I began the relocation of my 1st floor interior to the 2nd floor.  Ever try to do that in a 12-foot wide house?  The precious, personal stuff has been moved up.  Next... what does one do with LA's (Little Avenger's) piano? The stove and refrigerator?

Well, those ain't going anywhere.  But whatever  else can move up, will.  Today. Did you know that an ant can carry 800 times it's own weight?  GA is not an ant.

Which means turning over one's fate to G-d.  Do you believe in G-d?  I do.  But that's no protection. Bad things happen to good people.  Good things happen to bad people.  It's called 'G-d's will' or fate or destiny or chance.  Whichever you may subscribe to.  Will your windows blow out tonight?  Will you lose access to electricity, fresh water and plumbing?  Will your perishables perish?  Will your living quarters turn into a fish tank?

Who knows.  I call it chance.  Perhaps if I took the G-d's will route I would have left town.  But I think somehow human intervention can change outcome in this case... maybe from worse to merely bad.

In any event, do not follow my advice.  Get the hell out. Be safe.

It's hard to believe with the realization of what may (or may not) change our Hoboken landscape, even lives, the 'Hurricane Irene' party I was planning with my friend Irene Smith a few days ago seems delusional.  A direct hit on Hoboken seemed improbable back then.

Now's no time for partying.  It's time for prayer. And human intervention.


  1. Stay safe Nancy. How are things looking from the Terrace?

  2. Hi, Julie. The streets are weirdly clear, many windows are taped up. Some folks who told me they were staying split at the last minute.

    I'm concerned about the 'surge' coming shortly at high tide, so the true punch of this storm is still to be determined. But as of now have power, water, the plumbing works- thank G-d.

    I hope you and your family are safe.

    Thinking of you and the good folks of Hoboken who stuck it out.


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