Good Morning, Irene

Smith, that is.   As for  you Hurricane Irene: GO AWAY!

GA slept like a baby through the night... and woke up at around 6:30 am to find some water in my Willow Terrace basement- less than 1"- normal runoff for this amount of rainfall.  The water is seeping in through the rear concrete wall from the saturated ground above and beyond. 

Not to get all gloomy and doomy on you, but the SURGE will follow high tide at around 8 or 9 am...

Which means NO ONE knows yet what Irene's true punch to Hoboken will be. If you are reading this from areas beyond, you can be  comforted we have power, the plumbing is working, the water is running.

Now, if I were a REAL journalist and not a lowly blogger, I'd throw some shoes on, walk around and take pics for you.  But am I?

Hell, NO. 

I'm not leaving my house until the surge situation is determined.  In an hour or two. Besides, these homemade sandbags are frigging heavy.  Am I supposed to hurt my back to drag them out of the way?   No, if you are still in Hoboken, stay  indoors because the worst is yet to come. A storm surge is a rush of water, a wall if you will.   If you want to play Vasco da Gama wait until this afternoon. 

It is very dangerous to go out now. Don't be a schmuck.

Please click here for the latest National Weather Service advisory.  And Channel 12 television coverage is excellent.

GA tip: forgo the national media; they treat New Jersey like a  pimple.

I'll post any worthwhile updates, etc.  Stay safe, people.